Spoilers: New EastEnders romance story for Linda in Alfie dating drama

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) formally proposes to Janine (Charlie Brooks) in upcoming EastEnders, leaving Shirley (Linda Henry) fuming and the rest of us joining her in thinking he’s making a massive mistake.

For Linda (Kellie Bright), though, it’s the clearest sign yet that she needs to move on. Accordingly, Sharon (Letitia Dean) sets her up on a blind date and Alfie (Shane Richie) offers her some words of support to cheer her up.

And when the blind date doesn’t turn up, it’s Alfie who steps in. He gallantly buys Linda a drink and is attentive and lovely with her – which doesn’t go unnoticed by Mick, who is very annoyed that Alfie seems to be moving in on Linda.

This is something that was teased a while back by Shane Richie, who as well as admitting that Kat (Jessie Wallace) was and always will be Alfie’s soul mate, suggested that there might be a little spark between Alfie and Linda.

‘Between us lot… Alfie and Linda,’ he told us. ‘That’s all I’m going to say!’

Whether this is going to develop into anything remains to be seen, but it’s enough to rile Mick, as he promptly tells Alfie that his services at the Queen Vic are no longer required. Which leads Alfie to question whether he’s doing that because of Linda – and if so, is Janine really the woman he should be marrying?

These are very good questions – but is Mick ready to answer them?

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