Spoilers: Mick and Linda leave Walford in shock EastEnders twist?

With Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) finding it hard to resist temptation in EastEnders as she struggles with her alcohol addiction, both she and beloved husband Mick (Danny Dyer) came to a huge decision tonight, as they decided to leave the pub game — and possibly Walford — in their rear-view mirror.

With Linda having taken a drink from the bottle which Shirley (Linda Henry) had marked, The Queen Vic landlady desperately tried to remove the mark — in an effort to avert suspicion, as such a move would give her plausible deniability.

When that failed, she decided to fill the bottle with water — replenishing the missing liquid.

However, her efforts ultimately proved fruitless, as Shirley caught her red-handed, and Mick soon arrived when he heard the shouting.

Knowing that none of her excuses would cut it, Linda revealed that, yes, she had taken a drop, but when Ollie entered the room, the shouting ceased.

She proceeded to open up to Mick about how she thinks about drink every minute of every day, and how she finds it hard to focus on anything else, and — later — she revealed that she believes she’s always been this way.

She doesn’t hold any one thing responsible for her alcoholism, but rather it was a series of things that snowballed out of control — coupled with the fact that she’s been surrounded by booze her entire life.

Having listened to his wife, Mick knew there was only one solution, as — much like he always does — he puts his L first, and made clear the they need to give up The Vic.

Ollie subsequently arrived in the doorway of the couple’s bedroom, and as they spoke to their child about his rabbit, the subtext implied that the end was near for the family’s current living situation.

As Mick’s lovely little tale came to a close, he turned to his beloved L, and told her that it was time to go — a sentiment which she seemingly echoed.

However, while The Queen Vic is seemingly on course to becoming a part of the iconic duo’s past, one can’t help but wonder if Mick was simply referring to their boozer, or if he was referencing Walford as a whole?

Could Mick and Linda toy with the notion of leaving Walford behind?


The borough would certainly be a very different place without the Carters, that’s for sure.

Say it ain’t so!

EastEnders continues Tuesday 31 March at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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