Spoilers: Kelly dies in blockbuster Coronation Street rooftop exit?

With Millie Gibson’s exit from Coronation Street fast approaching, we could be about to say goodbye to Kelly Neelan in a very dramatic way as she ends up on the roof of a building in front of a dodgy man threatening to push her off.

The assassin in question is Keiron, the same man who kidnapped Kelly a few weeks ago.

Kelly meets up with him and offers £10k to kill Gary (Mikey North), after finally discovering he killed Rick.

The teen is given a distraction during the middle of next week, as she informs Aadi (Adam Hussain) that she’s booked their tickets to Bangkok but fails to mention they are only one way.

At the engagement party, Rick appears in Kelly’s thoughts, so Gary offers some heartfelt words and reminds Kelly that she is loved by him, Maria (Samia Longchambon) and their children.

Furious at Gary, Kelly confronts him and reveals that she knows he murdered Rick.

Running out of the bistro, Kelly waits for Gary next to Keiron, who knocks the character unconscious and shoves him into the back of a van.

In the same woods where Gary killed Rick, Keiron points a gun and orders him to dig his own grave.

As the evening continues, Keiron leads Kelly to the roof of a disused mill.

The gangster tells Kelly that he’s going to kill and frame her for Gary’s murder, making it look like murder-suicide.

However, just as Keiron goes to push Kelly – Gary appears.

Gary tells Keiron to kill him instead, but what will happen next?

Will Kelly fall from the roof?

Or will she be pushed?

Or maybe she’s about to exit an entirely different way?

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