Spoilers: Everything you need to know about EastEnders' return

As we count down the days until EastEnders returns to air, we’ve been enjoying spin off show Secrets From The Square hosted by Stacey Dooley, and taking a drip down memory lane with some iconic episodes.

With the cast teasing what’s in store during conversations with Stacey on a Monday evening, new storylines have started to emerge, rumours have began circulating, and the return of the beloved soap is shaping up to be packed with more drama than ever but, then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less!

There are still many more SFTS episodes to come, which means stars will no doubt continue to drop hints on what’s to come for their characters but, right now, we’ve put together all of the new spoilers and thought it’s high time to discuss everything we know about the soap’s return later this year.

Mick and Linda

Up first, Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright). They’re not the owners of the Queen Vic anymore, so this new start alone will be an interesting storyline for them. One thing we’re quite curious about is whereabouts on the Square they will live! Who will their new neighbours be? Jack Branning (Scott Maslen)? Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt)?

As well as getting used to a new home, Danny Dyer mentioned when speaking to Stacey back in June that Mick’s new storyline could potentially be the best storyline he’s ever had, which is very intriguing!

Perhaps it will involve a new career path for Mick? He’s been a landlord for so long, so seeing him do something completely different would make for an entertaining watch…

But what about Linda? Right now there isn’t any confirmed storylines for her, but Kellie did reveal in her chat with Stacey Dooley that there are ‘testing times ahead for Mick and Linda’.

Could we perhaps see how Mick and Linda have been coping with all of the change as well as Ollie and his autism when we say hello to these characters again?

Sharon and Ian

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is now the new owner of the Queen Vic! She has a new home, and while being in lockdown, it’s allowed her the perfect opportunity to bond with baby Kaden, something she was struggling to do when we last saw her.

Poor Ian Beale however is still wracked with guilt following the death of Dennis (Bleu Landau) which was caused by Ian locking him in a room on the Thames party boat.

Ian buying Sharon the Queen Vic is a generous present from a lifelong friend, but this is Ian we are talking about! A simple purchase of the pub at the heart of Albert Square isn’t going to be plain sailing (pardon the boat pun) and add that to the struggles with businesses in lockdown in general.

Adam hinted during his conversation with Stacey that there could well be ‘financial ramifications’ ahead for him. Something tells us the slogan ‘keep it real…like Ian Beale’ doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore!

Jack and Max

This week, the latest instalment of Secrets From The Square was all about the Branning Brothers. After Scott Maslen and Jake Wood gave us behind the scenes gossip on their history of playing Jack and Max Branning, we were treated to an exclusive look at EastEnders when it begins airing again in the Autumn.

For Max, it would appear the divorce to Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) isn’t going smoothly (no surprise there!).

Remember when Max gave Ian his half of the restaurant so Rainie couldn’t get any of the divorce money? The sneak peek at what’s to come allowed us all to learn there are money troubles round the corner for Max and Ian.

Could Ian have used Max’s half of the business to buy the Queen Vic, leaving Max with only the coins in his pocket to his name?

Elsewhere, and like many of us, Jack has probably been very busy in lockdown home-schooling Ricky and Amy. On Monday, Scott told Stacey that Amy is showing signs of very much being a Mitchell’s daughter. As Amy grows up and starts to follow in the footsteps of her late mother Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), we are really looking forward to seeing how Jack copes with the next phase of her life.

Denise and Kim

There is not a great deal we know about the upcoming events for Denise (Diane Parish) and Kim Fox (Tameka Empson). During their Secrets From The Square episode, Diane told Stacey while they visited the Fox and Hair salon that like many other salon owners in the real world, she could well see Denise struggling to keep the business afloat.

Diane also disclosed that something dark from Denise’s past is set to resurface and, given Denise’s history in Walford already, anything could happen!

We know that after a year away, Kim will finally be making a comeback to Albert Square following her time in Scotland. But what could bring her back? Could Denise’s financial problems with Fox and Hair mean Kim needs to come back to save her sister’s business?

Ben and Callum

When we left Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), he was still finding it hard to accept that he was fully deaf after the boat crash, and his constant desperation to prove himself to his dad was affecting his relationship with Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

As Ben has spent time in lockdown without Callum and in the company of Phil (Steve McFadden), Ballum’s reunion will no doubt make for an exciting watch.

Something to consider would be the amount of spare time Phil and Ben would have had while in lockdown, which could have left them planning more dangerous dealings to pass time.

While Ben is going down the life of crime route, his boyfriend his going completely the other way.

Callum’s journey in becoming a police officer will continue when we see him again, but with Ben’s criminal activity showing no signs of coming to an end anytime soon, will the young copper force his boyfriend to face the consequences if he were to catch him doing something shady?

What’s more important to Callum? His relationship? Or his job?

Kathy Beale

During last week’s Secrets From The Square, Gillian Taylforth disclosed to us that Kathy has joined a dating app during lockdown!

Don’t get us wrong, the thought of Kathy joining a dating app is a fantastic idea, but could things really be as simple as a socially distanced chat in the park with someone she was matched with on an app?

Here’s a thought, we know Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) will return to seek revenge on Ben, and a fan theory suggests that he could set his sights on Kathy.

Could Kathy swipe right on someone’s profile only for the person behind said profile not to be the man of her dreams, but criminal gangster Danny?

Martin and Kush

Before the credits rolled on the final pre-lockdown episode back in June, Martin Fowler (James Bye) had spent quite a bit of time in a dark place after his involvement with Ben, Keanu (Danny Walters), and splitting up with Stacey (Lacey Turner).

Most recently, a romance with Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) was hinted at and during his chat with Stacey Dooley, James revealed Martin has spent lockdown with Ruby and by the sounds of it, they have enjoyed all the time they had spent together! But just how far have things gone during lockdown?

In addition to a big reaction from James when he hinted at what’s in store for Martin, Davood Ghadami also mentioned how things will be ‘very very testing’ for Kush Kazemi.

Before lockdown, Jean (Gillian Wright) had locked Kush and the children out of the house when she discovered him and Shirley (Linda Henry) had been putting her bipolar medication in her food.


It’s good news for Kush as he has spent lockdown inside the Slater’s household but the bad news? He’s in lockdown with all of the Slaters! Combining home-schooling and living with Jean, Mo (Laila Morse), Kat (Jessie Wallace) AND Shirley…well that’s a situation only asking for disaster isn’t it?

As well as all of this, Kush will no doubt have face even more guilt when Kat and Stacey eventually learn that he wasn’t able to look care for Jean when she was unwell and has let them down.

Will the Slaters forgive Kush? We’re not sure, but one thing we are sure about is that it seems a new storyline is on the horizon for Kush and, to quote Davood ‘What happens at the other end of it is so exciting’.

The countdown to the first new ‘Doof Doof’ has very much begun, and — as we enjoy more behind the scenes gossip from the cast of EastEnders in addition to some classic episodes — it would seem the inevitable return of the East End-set soap will very much be worth the wait!

EastEnders: Secrets From The Square continues Monday August 10 8pm on BBC One.

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