Spencer Matthews begs fans to stay sober during coronavirus lockdown as he opens up on past boozing – The Sun

SPENCER Matthews wants fans to give up boozing during the coronavirus lockdown as he opens up on past drinking.

The 31-year-old asked people not to turn to drink to pass the time in lockdown.

Spencer, 31, who is about to welcome his second child with model Vogue Williams, 34, revealed he has gone sober.

“I know that three years ago I would be drinking heavily at this stage, just out of boredom because I would have nothing else to do," he told the PA news agency.

“I’d be drinking earlier and earlier in the day, thinking, ‘Why not? I can’t be at work? I might as well be drinking.'”

The ex-Made in Chelsea star added: “If for whatever reason you’re upping your alcohol intake during isolation, perhaps just consider it because ultimately developing bad habits with alcohol are difficult to shake and isolation could go on for a while."

Dad to one-year-old Theo, Spencer warned getting boozy during lockdown is "not going to help things".

"You may feel better momentarily but the following day even you’ll feel a lot worse,” he added.

Spencer noticed his bad relationship with alcohol during Vogue's pregnancy with Theo.

“We first began to notice it when Vogue was maybe six or seven months pregnant with Theodore and I wasn’t being as supportive as I could be,” he said.

He launched the Clean Liquor Company which produces low-alcohol spirits last year.

The reality TV star said he became a different person when he drank, which would get worse when he was between jobs.

“If I wasn’t getting the work or recognition that I thought I deserved, it would be ‘someone else’s fault’," Spencer admitted.

“In between jobs I’d feel, ‘Why not have a drink at lunch or go out every night?'”

He added: “I drank to excess quite regularly but I would never raise my voice. I was never violent. I wasn’t the person I knew I could be and that was a shame.”

Vogue also agreed her husband ‘Spenny’ has come a long way since the days when he was regularly photographed stumbling out of nightclubs having shot to fame on a series of reality shows including MIC.

The couple also appeared together on The Jump, where they met in 2017, and Spencer has also done I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity Masterchef in the past.

Vogue revealed in an exclusive chat with The Sun Online it was unlikely Spencer would return to doing reality TV and they have yet to commit to a third series of their self-tilted show, Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too.

“He was never thinking about going back on Made in Chelsea. He is 100 per cent not doing that nor would he ever. It’s just not his thing anymore.

“He loved it when he did it but it’s not his vibe anymore. Spencer is very business orientated now so that is what he is concentrating on.

Last week they announced that Vogue is due to give birth to a baby girl in the summer.

The Irish telly host said of the happy news: "We're delighted. It's so exciting but kind of scary to think we're going to have another newborn."

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