Seven Emmerdale spoilers as Naomi Walters faces justice for Nicola King's attack | The Sun

MONTHS after being assaulted and mugged, Nicola King could finally get justice this week.

Naomi Walters goes to court in Emmerdale and faces her former gang – but she could also be in danger. Get the lowdown.

1. Naomi is brought to justice

After recognising Naomi (portrayed by Karene Peter) as one of her attackers, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) has been adamant on getting justice.

However, it's become clear that Naomi was at the wrong place and at the wrong time as members of a gang targeted the Café Main Street owner.

Coming up on ITV, Naomi faces the possibility of going to prison for a crime she didn't really commit – and she may have no choice but to accept it as she comes face to face with Saskia.

Both run into one another in the courtroom toilets as the trial is underway and a manipulative Saskia insinuates that Naomi owes her money.

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Saskia then threatens to involve Naomi's family, which include vicar Charles Anderson and solicitor Ethan, if she doesn't change her version of events.

Prior to this, Saskia's barrister argues the defendants were no longer friends with Naomi after an altercation over money.

The barrister highlights Naomi feels ostracised from the group and has decided to drag the defendants in this mess.

Saskia is then cross examined by the prosecution barrister as she remains calm and collected.

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Naomi finds it hard to keep her cool during her trialCredit: ITV

2. Charles tries to help Naomi

Thankfully for Naomi, her brother Ethan and father Charles Anderson (Emile John and Kevin Mathurin) will be there to support her.

As Saskia takes the stand, Naomi tries her best to ignore her while she prepares to give her own version of events.

She is later given a hard time during her cross examination.

The pressure is too much for Naomi and she erupts with upset and outrage, telling everything about Saskia's threats.

As the trial ends, the judge urges the jury to assess the evidence presented to them.

Ethan and Charles step in, doing their best to encourage a downbeat Naomi to remain optimistic.

But Naomi fails to forget about the chance she could be thrown behind bars.

3. Manpreet takes action

Charles and Ethan won't be the only ones present for Naomi as Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) is also willing to show her support.

But unlike her partner and his son, she'll be going the extra mile – without realising she could be making the situation worse for Naomi.

This week, the village GP makes a huge mistake by trying to manipulate Nicola into speaking favourably about Naomi in court.

Upon seeing that her tricks haven't worked, Manpreet fears that her interaction with Nicola will be the final nail in the coffin for Naomi.

4. Nate comes clean

Aside from her legal troubles, Naomi will also have some issues with matters of the heart as her boyfriend Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) makes a confession.

The hunk finally admits to sleeping with his former fiancée, Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) after weeks of secrecy.

The pair clearly had some unresolved feelings when Tracy came back to the eponymous village and despite her recent engagement to another man.

But could Nate and Tracy give it another go?

How will Naomi react?

5. Nicola is devastated

Meanwhile, Nicola will also be struggling with the events of the trial as she's still trying to overcome the lingering trauma from her attack.

But things will be made more difficult for her this week.

As the trial is underway, Naomi's barrister runs rings around Nicola on the stand.

The barrister highlights to the jury that her case against Naomi is lacking evidence.

Once she returns home, Nicola faces the thought of the gang walking away from their trial scot-free and feels irritated, wondering what she'll do.

When the trial ends, Nicola isn't optimistic and returns to Victoria Cottage feeling exhausted and fed up.

Could Naomi and her gang go to prison?


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6. Kim makes an offer

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) was heartbroken by the death of her mother figure Harriet Finch.

But as she was getting ready to pay her respects to the former vicar and policewoman one last time, Dawn was hit with some bad news.

She found out the money from Harriet's will wouldn't be enough for her and her husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) to live in Woodbine Cottage.

The couple quickly tried to hatch a plan to buy the home for themselves to avoid being homeless- until Dawn's former partner Alex Moore showed up demanding Harriet's money.

Yet, this week, Kim Tate (Claire King) finds a solution neither Dawn nor Billy will be able to look down upon.

Happy to have her family back again, the businesswoman offers Dawn and her family free lodgings.

The couple accept, chuffed to know they' won't be left out in the cold after all.

7. Faith's last wish is carried out

After losing both her mother Faith and her lover Al Chapman, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is trying to recover and focus on her future.

This week, the Woolpack manager reveals that she's finally had the opportunity to carry out Faith's last wish.

She announces that Faith's ashes have been dropped off at the factory – allowing her to become a firework.

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Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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