Selling Sunset season 2 recap: What happened in season 2?

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Selling Sunset season two was full of drama as fans got to see more feuds between the agents at The Oppenheim Group. Season three arrived on Netflix on August 7 and fans are keen to remember the previous events from season two. has everything you need to know about what happened in season two of Selling Sunset.

What happened in Selling Sunset season 2?

The reality TV series follows real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group in LA, who sell luxury homes.

The series delves into their personal and professional lives, as they work hard to land huge commissions.

Season two was made up of eight episodes, and they all landed on Netflix on May 22, 2020.

Davina Potratz was made a series regular in the second season, and there was, of course, Christine Quinn’s engagement to Christian Richard.

Speaking of relationships, Heather Rae Young met her new boyfriend Tarek El Moussa, who is also a reality star.

Fans have now found out Heather and Tarek are officially engaged, with season three providing a build-up to the special event.

Christine Quinn had gone travelling with her partner Christian and her co-workers were shocked when she returned and announced she was engaged.

The news caused tension between Christine and Mary Fitzgerald, as Christine had not told her about the engagement.

Christine and her husband got married in December 2019 and their gothic Winter Wonderland wedding is shown in season three.

Tension also grew between Christine and Chrishell Stause, and Chrishell has now blocked Christine on Instagram.

The feud started following Chrishell’s loss of her dad to cancer, and Christine had made comments about Chrishell’s divorce from ex-husband Justin Hartley.

Davina Potratz took on a huge sale in Beverly Hills and fans were introduced to her client, Adnan Sen.

Fans see Davina and Adnan again in season three, as Davina ropes in Christine to try and help her sell the house.

Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet’s engagement party and wedding also featured in the second season, providing an emotional season finale.

Amanza Smith was also introduced in season two, and she was an old friend of Jason Oppenheim.

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Amanza quickly made herself known amongst the group and she ended up involved in a clash with Christine over a comment made about Mary.

Fans learn in season three there is still tension between Amanza and Christine, following words said at Mary’s wedding.

Right at the end of the second season, Christine and Christian announced their engagement and Chrishell revealed news of her divorce to the rest of her colleagues.

Season three picks up after Mary’s wedding, with Christine making her own extravagant wedding plans.

Chrishell and Justin were still together at the start of the season, so fans are expecting to see news of the break-up later in the season.

At the start of season three, Christine celebrates her birthday but an argument breaks out as Amanza raises the feud after Mary’s wedding.

Viewers also see the tension between Christine and Davina after their collaboration on the sale of Sen’s property does not go to plan.

Amanza also features heavily in season three as she battles for full custody of her children, and tries to juggle family life with work.

Brett Oppenheim also held a housewarming party and revealed he was dating someone, which sparked his co-workers’ interest.

Fans have been rewatching season two and are ready to delve into the third season. One said on Twitter: “Can’t wait to absolutely binge season three of Selling Sunset this weekend.”

Selling Sunset season 3 is available to watch on Netflix now

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