Rose West's lawyer warns that dementia could see killer finally reveal true extent of 'wicked and vicious' murders

KILLER Rose West's former lawyer has revealed that her dementia means "she may admit horrific secrets" before she dies.

She and husband Fred West are the UK's most notorious serial killer pair, carrying out some of the most horrific murders the country has ever seen.

Killing at least 12 women in their Gloucestershire home between 1967 and 1987, the couple raped and tortured victims until their eventual deaths.

Fred and Rose were able to get away with their murderous activity by burying the bodies of their victims underneath their homes at 25 Cromwell Street.

Now, in a new Channel 5 documentary – Rose: Making a Monster – which airs on June 7 and 8, creators explore whether or not the 67-year-old killer was a product of her horrific upbringing.

Despite being convicted of ten murders and remaining in prison, Rose has never made a full confession or given any details of the killings.

Ahead of the documentary, ex-defence solicitor Leo Goatley told the Daily Express that he believes Rose may one day revealed her secrets.

Leo, who was Rose's lawyer for 12 years, said that she continually blamed husband Fred, who committed suicide before he could stand trial.

"There was a nice Rose and a bad Rose. Bad Rose is a wicked demon with uncontrollable rage and viciousness," he said of the pensioner.

"Now she’s this sweet lady who likes to sew and cook and be friendly to others. But if she lives long enough, and she gets dementia, her disinhibition may lead to her being open to all these memories."

He insisted that the memories "are there" and "in her", but would just be a matter of coaxing them out of her as she continues to age.

The lawyer added of her silence on the day the bodies emerged: "She was pretty coy, sheepish, which betrayed the fact that there was plenty on her mind she didn’t want to talk about."

The couple's Gloucester home became known as the House of Horrors after nine bodies were dug up from underneath the floor boards.

Fred and Rose had a spree of rape, torture and murder across a two-decade time period, and the pair weren't caught until 1987.

Rose was convicted in November 1995 of 10 murders and is serving a life-sentence without parole at New Hall jail near Wakefield.

While Leo believes she could one day reveal the truth, Dr Jane Woodrow, author of Rose West: The Making of a Monster, says the opposite.

The criminologist previously told that the killer will stay "silent" and never fully end the "torture" for their victims' families.

She added that Rose is "in denial" while but is also exercising "control" in choosing not to divulge on her involvement in the crimes.

The writer is insistent however that Rose knew about Fred’s past crimes as she went on to commit the murders in her own right.

"If the police speak to her I don’t think she’ll say anything, she’s partially in denial and she’ll never face up to what she’s done," Dr Woodrow said.

Rose: Making A Monster airs on Monday June 7 and Tuesday June 8 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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