Roman Kemp reveals gruesome injury photos after fracturing his ankle in nasty football accident

ROMAN Kemp has shared gruesome injury photos of his battered ankle.

The Capital Breakfast host, 28, revealed the details of his nasty football injury that resulted in a fractured ankle and a very bruised foot and leg.

"You may have heard… I’ve snapped all my ligaments and fractured my ankle," he wrote on Instagram.

"Instead of helping me, my “pals” decided to photograph the event.

"Safe to say I’ve been trying to get the most out of the situation. Play safe kids."

In a series of images, Roman showcased the black and blue bruises surrounding his ankle, heel and sole of his foot.

The redness looked incredibly sore and Roman admitted it was only his third game back which he called "terrible".

Roman was clearly in agony as he fell and lied on the floor while cradling his leg on the football pitch.  

He also shared pictures of himself looking unhappy with crutches and a protective boot on his foot.

However, the pain from the injury couldn’t stop Roman from presenting the weekend show with his dad, Martin Kemp.

Roman’s boot made its debut last week on Martin and Roman’s Weekend Best.

Despite his injury, Roman was upbeat throughout the show including segments that saw Martin fail to realise his saucepan wasn't turned on until well into the demo.

With guests Vick Hope and Rick Edwards, the episode was full of laughs and anecdotes.

Talking about the father and son show, Martin told Royal Television Society: “Roman and I are ready and raring to go for this new series and can't wait to wake up with viewers on Saturday, as well as Sunday mornings.

"We've got brilliant guests lined up and some fantastic new items, too.”

Roman added: “I might wind him up (just a bit!) but I love working with my dad. So the fact we get to do the series again – and across the whole weekend – is just brilliant. We've got lots of stuff planned, I can't wait!”

Martin and Roman’s Weekend Best continues on ITV at 8:30am this Saturday and Sunday.

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