Riverdale fans convinced Charles is the video tape stalker after brutal murder of Principal Honey

RIVERDALE fans are convinced Charles is the video tape stalker after Principle Honey was brutally murdered.

After the strange and somewhat confusing season finale, some viewers believe they have established the identity of the videotape killer.

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the popular teen drama was forced to end early this year.

However, the show will soon be returning to screens soon where fans will finally get an answer to the huge cliffhanger they've been left to stew on since April.

The 19th episode wrapped up Riverdale’s fourth season earlier than planned.

At the end of the makeshift finale, Riverdale High’s annoying principal, Mr Honey (Kerr Smith) met his demise at the hands of the dreaded videotape killer.

A creepy tape seemed to show the headmaster being brutally stabbed to death by a murderous gang wearing masks very similar to Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and his pals.

However, the final episodes will now air in Riverdale’s next instalment before the drama moves forward with a whopping time-jump of seven years.

Fans think Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) half-brother Charles has some part to play in the videotape killer saga after he joined the FBI as an agent and made love with deceitful imposter Chic (Hart Denton).

Perceptive fans took to Reddit convinced Charles should be considered the prime suspect for the individual behind the latest insidious scheme to throw Riverdale into chaos.

Redditor Rj_is_crazy posted: "Whoever is doing the tapes had to have access to the Jason video, the Midge video and had to know at least some of the details behind Jughead’s ‘death’.

"The Jason and Midge videos were last seen with the police. Charles is the only one who knows about everything with Jughead, knows the core four, and has access to the police department."

Another Redditor commented: "Charles is not the only one who had access to the videos. Betty had a copy of Jason’s murder on her laptop, Toni had a copy of Jason’s murder as well.

"If someone had access to their laptops in the past year literally everyone might have had access."

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