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RIDLEY is a new ITV drama which features the retired detective Alex Ridley taking on a consultancy role and working closely with his protegee DI Carol Farman.

So who will be starring in the new drama starting this autumn?

Who is in Ridley?

Ridley has a cast of many famous faces in British TV.

You might notice some of the characters from shows such as Line of Duty, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.

Adrian Dunbar

Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar will be taking on the role of ex-detective inspector Alex Ridley.

Despite being a private man, Ridley wears his heart on his sleeve, which sometimes leads him to get way too emotionally involved in cases.

He takes on the role of a consultant after spending seven years in uniform and 25 years as a detective.

He retired after having his wife Kate and daughter Ella murdered and couldn't cope with their loss.


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Bronagh Waugh

DI Carol Faremen will be portrayed by the former Hollyoaks actress Bronagh Waugh.

The outgoing new promoted detective is a fearless person who's very smart and good at what she does.

She is married to her wife Geri and together they have a son, Jack.

Her potential was spotted by Ridley himself, who shares similarities with her.

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It takes some time for Ridley to get comfortable with his protegee once they join forces again.

Terence Maynard

The Witcher actor Terence Maynard will be portraying the role of DCI Paul Goodwin.

The police force runs in Paul's blood as his father is a retired Assistant Chief Constable.

Graduating from Cambridge, DCI Goodwin is an approachable policeman who doesn't get along well with Ridley.

It has been a tough road for Paul, who had to work twice as hard as a black police officer to get to where he is now.

George Bukhari

George Bukhari takes on the role of DC Darren Lakhan who has just come out of the army after two years to become a police officer.

He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life when he left school at the age of 16 but the police force showed a stable career with good prospects.

His academic skills are not the best, but he makes up for it with his hard work and dedication.

After two years in uniform, he finally passes his test to become a detective.

Georgie Glen

Having had roles in Call the Midwife and The Cure, Georgie Glen is now set to take up another role in Ridley.

This time she will be Dr Wendy Newstone who is the chief forensics officer and police pathologist.

The intelligent scientist is one of the best Crime Scene Investigators in the country and is fascinated by her line of work.

When she is not communing with the dead, you'll find her showing off her humour with the village pub quiz team.

Julie Graham

Scottish actress Julie Graham – who you might have seen in Shetland or The Bletchley Circle – will be portraying the role of Annie Marling.

Annie is a businesswoman who owns and is the manager of Marling's jazz club.

She can be a bit of a tease and is a fun woman to be around, Annie is divorced with grown-up kids.

She was best friends with Ridley's late wife Kate and was the Godmother of his daughter too.

She was so close with the Ridley family, that it was this couple that decided to help her invest in Marlings.

This is one of the main reasons why she is the only person that Ridley opens his heart to, knowing that she will tell him the harsh truth when he needs to hear it.

Aidan McArdle

The Holiday star Aidan McArdle stars in Ridley as Michael Flannery.

A prisoner serving a 15-year sentence in HMP Bradfield for the murder of Kate and Ella Ridley.

He grew up in the streets of Allerton Bridge, unnoticed and dismissed.

Bhavna Limbachia

Carol's wifi Geri is played by Bhavna Limbachia, who you might have seen already on Coronation Street.

She is a part-time lecturer in Social Studies at Salford University and likes to fight for local justice.

She can be considered "the glue that holds the family together," working part-time to help raise their son, Jack since Carol spends most of her time at work.

Tareq Al-Jeddal

Tareq Al-Jeddal – who previously featured on Coronation Street – will be teenager Jack Farman-Hoyle.

A typical teenager whose hormonal and self-centred but has a good heart and makes sure to cheer everyone up when needed.

He is proud of his mother Carol's achievements but would like to see more of her around the house.

He has a special bond with Ridley, who is currently the only male figure in his life and they spend a lot of time together.

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When is Ridley on ITV1?

The first episode of Ridley will premier on Sunday 28 August at 8pm.

The series will hit off with a two-hour premiere.

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