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RICHARD and Judy's daughter Chloe Madeley has revealed all about her brand new TV show – from boozy brunches, to trips to South of France and her first on-screen spat with hubby James Haskell.

Chloe, 36, will be welcoming cameras into her home after landing her own ITVBe reality show charting her life as a new mum after welcoming daughter Bodhi last August.

The new mum – who merely dabbled with the limelight, until now – said she had her reservations about sharing her life with the public but said her famous parents have been supportive and leaped at the chance to feature on the upcoming four-part series.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Chloe said: "Mum and dad are the best, Bhodi is their fourth grandchild, they have a fifth on the way, due in October.

"They are amazing grandparents. I expected to be like ‘no, I don’t want to do a TV show with you, thank you very much’. But they were like ‘yeah, it sounds like fun, we’ll be the odd scene’.

"It’s not called At Home With The Madeley’s.


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"It’s called Chloe Madeley A Family Affair. I think that was a working title for the press release and I think that got a bit misconstrued init being a Richard and Judy reality show, it’s not.

"They are in two scenes, a Father’s Day lunch and the cameras came out to the South of France to visit mum and dad for my birthday and they filmed us having a nice lunch there.

"It’s very authentic, we’ve definitely had some big boozy lunches on camera, more than once.

"They are just here when it’s appropriate but it’s certainly not a fly on the wall Richard and Judy show, no."

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Chloe said fans can expect the series to lift the lid on what really happens in the Madeley-Haskell household, revealing she had her worries after she and James filmed their first on-screen argument.

"I’m like my dad. I don't have a filter, I wear my heart on my sleeve," she said.

You can see it on my face when I’m p****d off about something, I can’t hide it. I hate to say this as it makes me sound like a dick but I’m a very authentic person, what you see, is what you get person.

"So it was a bit worrying when I realised James and I had our first spat on camera, I was like ‘oh god, this is going to be awful’. But actually I think its fine and we’re all human, we all have good days and bad days, good moments, bad moments.

"It is what it is, I said yes to it, so you just have to go with it.

It’s very authentic, we’ve definitely had some big boozy lunches on camera, more than once."

The programme – which will complete filming in mid-August – will also feature all the trials and tribulations of parenthood, including Chloe opening up on her mental health and sharing her postpartum journey back to fitness so she can continue her career as a personal trainer.

Being largely out of the spotlight, Chloe said it was a big decision for her to agree to do a reality TV show.

She told us: "Yes it was, I won’t lie. I never really wanted to do any TV ever again. I’m really happy with my job and I’m very successful in my career.

"I’m very passionate about it and it keeps me out of the spotlight and I like it like that because as someone who suffers with anxiety being in the public eye is not very helpful.

"But you know what…it was an opportunity to spend time with my baby girl and to actually grow a female audience and that’s kind of part of my job, is to grow a female audience and to give me a chance to try something a little bit different for a few weeks and it’s been so much fun.

"It’s been really enjoyable and I’m really happy that I’ve given it a go."

The personal trainer said she is worried that being on a reality show may open her up to scrutiny and mum-shaming, but she admitted that she will always defend herself when necessary.

"I’m not on Twitter because I have no interest in reading what anyone has to say on that website," she said.

But I do definitely think, when we started filming Bodhi was only six or seven months old and I didn’t need to strap her into her high chair because she couldn’t pull herself out of it.

"You do realise that people might watch this and be like ‘why isn’t she strapping her in?’ Things like that play on your mind and you think ‘oh god, are people going to pick up on that? Are people going to criticise that?’"

ITVBe viewers will also see how Chloe and James manage to keep the spark alive in their relationship, with the former rugby player jetting to Ibiza every weekend to DJ.

The fitness enthusiast said: "I’m very aware as well of how I’m coming across in terms of my lifestyle.

"James is travelling every weekend to Ibiza because he’s a DJ, every few weeks Bodhi and I will go out there with him.

"We’ll catch a plane with him, we’ll spend a weekend with him in Ibiza and then we’ll come home.

"This is a way to spend some time with James, to have a family weekend away together as he’s already there for work. But then you’re aware that it might come across that you’re just jetting off to Ibiza and you have a child.

"So you do get in your own head about it, you do over analyse, you do overthink but everyone I’ve spoken to especially people in the public eye who has ever done any TV work have said to not overthink it, to not get in your own head and don’t self-edit because that’s when it can really get weird, just be you and let the chips fall where they may."

Chloe explained that you will see the challenges she faced being away from James during the early stages of motherhood, but praised him for being a incredible father and very "hands on".

She said: "There was a period of time, he came off self-imposed maternity leave and his DJ career, as soon as it starts to get warm in the UK and all around Europe, if you’re a DJ, you start getting busier and busier.

"I found it really hard at first.

" I was like ‘wow, this is the third weekend in a row that you’re not going to be at home, like what the hell’.

"I suddenly had been watching slowly as this had gone on, James coming home picking up the slack and if he is home all weekend, then allowing me to go out with the girls.

"Becoming the main parent in the picture when he’s at home often. You start to realise this is our life and it looks different – it’s not very common to have your husband in Ibiza every weekend working.

"But this is our life and you have to try and figure it out and compromise. I think that’s been a really nice theme of it all."

The Dancing on Ice star said James took no convincing to do a reality show – saying he "loves the camera".

She laughed: " James loves the camera, loves the microphone, he’s all over it. He is more than happy to do it.

"I was actually pleasantly surprised with every single person in my life has been ‘yeah, course I’ll do it, it’s cute, it’s fun’. I have a big protective streak with the people in my life, so I’m very protective of them, I’m like their security when they’re filming and they’re more than happy to do."

When asked if she'd be keen to a second series, she said: "I mean I don’t know yet, it really depends how it lands.

"The filming is one part of it – once it’s out there and everyone can judge you and have an opinion, that’s probably when I’ll make a decision on series two.

"I prioritise my mental health over my career and everything else. If my mental health says ‘no, not for me’, then the answer will be no. And if I think ‘oh I can handle that shit’, fine I’ll do another one.

"I’m going to let this one ride out and then reflect and assess what I want to do next. It’s fun to have a new opportunity, it’s fun to get to spend time with my daughter and call it work."

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