RHOD: Brandi Redmond Feels 'Betrayed' After D'Andra Simmons Talks to Press About 'Racist' Video

Brandi Redmond and D'Andra Simmons' friendship is at a crossroads.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of Dallas, the two got into a disagreement over D'Andra's decision to talk to the press about Brandi's racially insensitive video that surfaced at the beginning of 2020, in which she appeared to mock Asians.

After Brandi came across an August 2020 Page Six article, in which D'Andra confirmed that the then-upcoming season of RHOD would be addressing the video "head on," the mom of four got emotional and confronted D'Andra about the situation.

"I feel betrayed by D'Andra; I know she knows what I went through," Brandi, 42, said during a confessional. "I know she knows that pain that I caused others and put on myself. I'm trying to move forward but this, this is not her place to openly talk about. A real friend would never do this."

In a text message to D'Andra, Brandi wrote, "I saw that you were talking about me in the press about my 'racist video' and I'm very disgusted right now and not in a space where I want to get together today. See you on the trip."

After reading the text message privately in her kitchen, D'Andra, 52, said, "All I said was positive things about you, but that's fine. Not surprising that you're trying to take it the wrong way."

"I was trying to give Brandi props," she added during a confessional. "What I don't understand is: how did I become the bad guy? Since when is talking about somebody's racist video worse than making a racist video? She offended an entire race of people. All of a sudden the onus is on me? How does this happen?"

As D'Andra began to walk upstairs and away from production, a producer asked, "What are you doing right now?"

"I'm not interested in this anymore, honestly," she responded. "Anything I said was to help her, not to hurt her. Then all of a sudden it was taken and changed. It's totally manipulating and lying about … she's not going to have the conversation we were going to have ever. She's going to twist around to this s—. She's acting like a baby."

"I don't want to go on this trip and fight," she added, referring to the upcoming girls' trip. "Every single girl is going to have her back. I'm tired of this whole s—. I don't think this is fair. This is wrong to do this to me."

Later in the episode, the women gathered together ahead of their trip to Austin — and things took a turn when Brandi confronted D'Andra face-to-face.

"I got a Google alert and it was about you talking about me in the press," Brandi said.

"The article wasn't about you," D'Andra responded.

"The article headlined me," said Brandi.

"If you do an interview, do you at the end of the interview say to interviewer, 'Hey, I think you should use this as a headline'? The question was, 'Have you guys addressed racial issues?' And I said, 'Yes, we did,' because I was trying to have your back. If I would have said that you put your head in the sand or if I didn't answer, that would've been worse."

"No, D'Andra, that was not fair," Brandi said. "Why couldn't you have just said, 'I don't want to comment.' You took that away from me, D'Andra."

"I thought I was doing something to help you," D'Andra responded.

"Do you know that I became click bait once again?" Brandi asked. "And I started getting hate once again? I'm glad you think it's funny because to me it's not funny. You mentioned me to help promote yourself and allow grace and forgiveness. That's what I wanted and you took this away from me and put it out there. I think that was a very selfish thing for you to do. I felt like you didn't think about me and the things that I am now going through and I can't make it go away forever," she said.

After hearing Brandi plead her case, D'Andra admitted she made a "mistake" and apologized. But, Brandi didn't think it was genuine.

"It's funny because the other day we were going to talk and you were concerned because I did call you selfish. Well, this is just a prime example of you being selfish," said Brandi.

"It doesn't really bother me that you think I'm selfish because I've heard it so many times," D'Andra responded.

"So you don't mind that all of your friends think that you're selfish?" Kary Brittingham asked.

"Not really because I know I'm not in my heart," said D'Andra. "I feel super judged in this group of girls. No matter what I seem to do, everyone's upset with me, I'm selfish, I'm not a good friend. It's a common theme. I feel like everyone's ganging up on me. If you guys don't want me here, I'm happy to go."

Viewers will have to tune into next week's episode to see the conclusion of Brandi and D'Andra's disagreement.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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