RHOBH's Erika Jayne screams 'motherf***er, I'm out!' at Denise Richards for 'singling her out' on explosive reunion

ERIKA Jayne lashed out at Denise Richards on Tuesday's explosive Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, claiming the soap star had tried to make her co-stars look like "a**holes."

As the group reunited and discussed their season-long feud with Denise, Erika admitted she found "the whole thing frustrating."

Host Andy Cohen asked Erika if she felt frustrated because she thought Denise was trying to make them look like "a**holes," she said: "I think she was trying to make us as a group look bad.

"It was the perfect set up, you had our table, their table – we always have adult conversations, that's what we do as a group – then we were penalised."

Denise tried to defend herself, claiming that she "wasn't upset you were talking about [sex] and I said that several times."

But RHOBH star Erika had had enough, and hit back: "Denise, you were upset enough to pull me aside and take me to coffee.

"I apologized.

"I wasn't the only person talking about sex at the table – Garcelle was talking about sex, they didn't show Dorit talking about sex, but you came to me and took me aside."

As Denise tried to interject, claiming "that isn't true," Erika continued: "I was okay with being singled out because I knew I was being singled out, I took it on the chin and apologized sincerely.

"Then I find out you took it to Teddi and Sutton? Motherf***er I'm out, that's bulls**t."

The entire season of RHOBH has focused on Denise and the housewives turning their backs on her after she denied claims of an affair with Brandi Glanville.

Brandi has continually claimed she had sex with Denise in 2019 – but the actress has denied the two ever got close. 

The Wild Things star broke down as she continued to deny the affair with Brandi in the season 10 finale – and slammed the rumors as “slanderous.”

Last month, Brandi shared text messages which she claims show Denise inviting the model to visit her and stay in her hotel room.

The exchange allegedly shows Denise suggesting they sleep in the same bed after Brandi suggesting taking the couch.

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