Rachel Bilson shades ex-friend Rami Malek for 'taking himself so seriously' after he made her take down 'dorky' teen pic

RACHEL Bilson slammed actor and ex-friend Rami Malek for making her take down an old photo of them she shared online.

The O.C. alum, 39, called the Mr. Robot actor, 39, out for taking himself “so seriously,” which she doesn’t like to do.

While appearing as a guest on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast on Monday, Rachel got to talking about her former school friend, Academy Award-winning Rami.  

Dax wondered what the Bohemian Rhapsody star was like in high school and if he’s always been so mysterious or just a regular guy.

Rachel revealed the two were actually “good friends” and were in the “same crew,” even starring as the leads together in The Crucible their senior year.

The two kept in touch for a little bit, but they didn’t stay as close as they were in school.

She shared that she had a “funny story” for the host about a time when Rami got a little shrot with her.

The Hart of Dixie actress began: “So, obviously, he gets super famous. And he’s always been extremely talented. A really amazing actor, even in high school.

“I had posted a throwback of us from own senior trip to New York, Broadway. We’re super nerdy. 

“It was the dorkiest picture of both of us, but I throw it up because I think it’s funny and important to be able to make fun of yourself. 

“And he had a gold chain, and I’m like, ‘Rami, where did you get the gold chain?’ But, whatever.”

The mother of one – who shares daughter Briar Rose, 6, with ex Hayden Christensen – added that she just thought she was “being funny” since the two of them were close friends and this was a fun throwback photo.

He apparently didn’t feel the same, as she found a DM from him about a week later, and she was surprised to see that it wasn’t to catch up with her or a friendly message asking how she’s doing.

“It was straight to, ‘I would really appreciate if you would take that down. I’m a really private person,’” Rachel revealed. 

“And I was like, ‘Oh, sh*t. OK.’ Like, I get really hot and I’m sweating and all nervous, like, ‘Oh God, what did I do?’” 

She added: “Because he was a good friend of mine and it’s a funny picture. I don’t take myself that seriously.

“I guess he didn’t like the picture of himself.”

The photo was shared in January 2019, a few weeks before the Oscars, where Rami was up for Best Actor for Bohemian Rhapsody.

He ended up going on to win the award, but Rachel remembered just thinking it was a fun photo to share of the two of them ahead of the big day, but then also getting a message from The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz jokingly saying she did Rami “dirty.”

Rachel continued: “I was like, maybe I should’ve found something more flattering, I don’t know. 

“But I removed it, and I even wrote him a really nice message. Like, ‘I’m so sorry. Go get the Oscar. You’re doing amazing.’”

Despite sending an apology note, she said she never heard anything back from him.

She admitted she was was “super bummed” by the whole situation because she always found him “super nice” in school. 

“I’m a big fan of not taking yourself seriously, especially at that level of fame and talent,” Rachel added. “But, look, he wants to be super respected. It’s his thing, so I respected it.” 

“I took it down. I was just a little bummed at how it was handled. I think [the photo’s] adorable. And the gold chain? It’s in fashion now. He was ahead of the time.”

Rachel is getting ready to share more stories in a new The O.C. rewatch podcast with her former co-star Melinda Clarke.

Rami will next be seen starring in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time to Die, which is set to be released in October.

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