Piers Morgan brands Meghan Markle big narcissist over plans to be President

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Piers Morgan has branded Meghan Markle a "massive narcissist" after the Duchess was tipped to run for President of the United States.

The former GMB anchor ripped into Prince Harry's wife Meghan on his TalkTV show – Uncensored – on Tuesday night (May 10).

Piers referred to Meghan as a "scheming Princess Pinocchio" as he slated her lack of political experience in a brutally-honest segment called Brain Dump.

It comes after the sister and close adviser of Joe Biden, the current US President, suggested Meghan could be a contender for The White House during an interview on GMB.

Valerie Biden was asked whether she thought Meghan would make a good potential candidate for US President in the future, to which she replied: "Yes, perhaps of course she will."

It prompted Piers to launch into a furious rant at Meghan after playing the clip of Valerie praising Meghan.

The TV star proceeded to accuse her of 'hooking her claws' into Harry to become rich and famous.

He also claimed Meghan would use the White House as another "rung" as she desperately tries to climb up the social ladder.

Piers said: "What? Is that a joke? Perhaps there is somebody out there less suited to becoming the leader of the Free World but I can't currently think of one.

"Before you think this is some kind of joke, remember that Meghan Markle's old friends probably thought the same thing when she told them she was gonna hook her claws into a British prince and make herself stupendously rich and famous.

Piers insisted he wouldn't put anything past the idea that Meghan would one day run for office.

He continued: "I wouldn't put anything past this scheming Princess Pinocchio who probably sees The White House as a perfectly feasibly next rung on her relentless climb up the social ladder."

The presenter also branded Markle a "massive narcissist" and alleged she phoned up US politicians "inappropriately".

Other claims from Piers included her having "no political experience", that she "craves money", is "deeply polarising", and is a "massive narcissist".

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