Piers Morgan accidentally declares 'aliens are invading' before asteroid blunder

Piers Morgan made an epic blunder on Good Morning Britain today and accidentally declared that aliens were coming – and that an asteroid was crashing just four miles from Earth. 

Because why not throw that in on top of a worldwide pandemic, right?! 

Talking about today’s news, Piers and Susanna Reid spoke about the revelation about an asteroid crash. 

‘The aliens are coming, just to really cheer things up,’ Piers declared. ‘Apart from the fact we have an asteroid apparently, that’s crashing within four miles of Earth.’ 

‘Is it four miles?,’ Susanna then stepped in. ‘I thought it was four million miles!’ 

She later branded him #FakeNews after he corrected his error… Good save, Susanna! 

The asteroid in question is flying past Earth at some point next week, coming in at 3,908,000 miles away – so will thankfully be avoiding us. 

‘It’ll be 16 times further than the distance between the Earth and the moon,’ he said. ‘So we are probably going to be okay.’ 

And we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to dealing with what this planet alone is throwing at us, instead of the universe chiming in too. 

It seems that Piers was in a spacy kind of mood today, and later declared his belief in aliens too after photos of UFOs were released by the Pentagon. 

He even got into a little bit of a tiff with meteorologist and weather reporter Laura Tobin over the topic, as he was baffled why she doesn’t believe in them. 

‘There’s definitely aliens!,’ Piers declared. ‘Why would you think we’re the only creatures?!’ 

‘I don’t think they’d come all the way here and then go back again,’ Laura said, though admitted there was probably life on other planets. 

Dr Hilary then added the most pure idea ever and suggested they were here to rescue us. 

Well… we’ve tried everything else at this point… 

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