Phillip Schofield brutally shut down by guest in awkward spat: ‘Don’t start with me Phil!’

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had a lot of topical stories to get through on today’s edition of the ITV show. From a chat with Coronation Street’s Sally Carman to comedy legend Michael McIntyre, the This Morning pair certainly had their hands full in terms of guests. However, it’s fair to say Phillip wasn’t expecting to be put in his place so emphatically when author and beauty expert Caroline Hirons joined the two in the studio to discuss “maskne”.

“Maskne” is the term loosely used to describe outbreak of spots and blemishes caused by wearing a face covering.

So Caroline was on This Morning to advise on the best products available to help viewers to remedy the outbreaks.

Going through a range of face coverings, Caroline held up a surgical mask and said: “We should all be wearing these because theyre sterile and disposable.”

However, Phillip was keen to point out they may not be the most environmentally friendly option.

“Well yeah, but how many are we putting on the planet?” Phillip began, only for Caroline to quickly shut him down.

The beauty expert snapped: “Please dont start with me, Phillip.”

The This Morning host quickly kept quiet after being told off as Holly let out a giggle.

“I knew you were gonna say something about that,” Caroline continued.


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