Peter Sutcliffe wife: What happened to Sonia? Did Peter Sutcliffe have children?

The Ripper: Netflix tease documentary series in trailer

All four episodes of The Ripper are streaming on Netflix now. Peter Sutcliffe was found guilty of murdering thirteen women and attempting to murder seven others between 1975 and 1980, receiving two life sentences. has everything you need to know about Sutcliffe.

What happened to Peter Sutcliffe’s wife Sonia?

Peter Sutcliffe met his first and only wife Sonia Szurma on February 14, 1967.

Sonia was the daughter of Maria and Bodhan Szurma, immigrants from Czechoslovakia, living in Bradford.

After eight years of dating, the couple married on August 10, 1974.

At the time of their marriage, Sonia was 24-years-old and Peter, aged 28.

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The couple tied the knot just two months before Peter began his murder spree, in which he claimed the lives of 13 women over five years.

He also attempted to murder seven other women.

During their time together, Sonia worked as a supply teacher and worked as an auxiliary nurse one night a week.

In 1977, Sonia and Peter purchased a house at 6 Garden Lane, Heaton and moved into the property on September 26, 1977.

The married couple were living there at the time of Sutcliffe’s arrest in January 1981.

After Sutcliffe was found guilty of murdering thirteen women and attempting to murder seven others between 1975 and 1980, Sonia remained married to him.

She also continued to live in the family home in Bradford.

Sutcliffe received 20 life sentences for his crimes and on 16 July 2010, the High Court issued Sutcliffe with a whole life tariff, meaning he was never to be released from prison.

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Sonia also visited her husband at Parkhurst prison and later at Broadmoor where he was transferred in 1984 due to his paranoid schizophrenia.

She was last seen visiting Broadmoor in December 2015 according to the Daily Mai.

Peter and Sonia separated in 1989 and divorced in 1994, 13 years after he was sentenced to two life sentences.

Today, very little is known about Peter Sutcliffe’s wife Sonia, who is now 70-years-old.

According to reports, Sonia remarried in 1997 and has kept her private life out of the spotlight since Peter’s conviction. will update this article when more information is available.

Did Peter Sutcliffe have children?

The couple tried to conceive but after suffering several miscarriages, Sonia was informed she would not be able to have children.

In 2015, Sonia told the Sun on Sunday: “People have claimed to have interviewed me when the truth is they have not.

“There have been a lot of bad things written about me and they are not accurate.

“I would like the truth to come out one day but I am afraid to be extremely busy for the next two or three years.

“I have commitments I cannot get out of. I do not want to say what they are.

“One day I might do something but I don’t want to get your hopes up that is going to happen now.”

Peter Sutcliffe died on November 13, 2020, at University Hospital of North Durham. He was 74-years-old.

The Ripper is streaming on Netflix now

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