Outer Banks star Madison Bailey comes out as pansexual and reveals new girlfriend Mariah Linney on TikTok – The Sun

OUTER Banks' stars are falling in love all over the place as Madison Bailey unveils her new girlfriend, and co-stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline confirm they are in a relationship.

Madison, 21, plays Kiara Carrera on the Netflix show also came out as pansexual in a series of TikToks that introduced her basketballer girlfriend, Mariah Linney.

Pansexuality is a LGBTIQ identity which means is a person who is attracted to another person regardless of their gender or sexual identity.

On the social media post made it clear that "nobody knows what pansexual means" and went on to explain how she interpreted her sexuality.

Madison explained pansexuals can be attracted to "girls, boys, trans girls, trans boys, and nonbinary babies".

A few days later, Madison posted more TikToks revealing her relationship with Mariah.

The videos simply showed Madison in different looks with a voiceover saying "I'm not falling, I'm not falling, I'm not following."

She captioned the video simply with "surprise" and at the end of it brought Mariah in for a hug and the voice over saying

"OK I'm falling."

Mariah has also shared adorable pics of the loved-up couple on Instagram, which is apparently where the pair met.

The basketball player posted a video in which she tagged Madison and joked that she was "staring" at her.

The actress quickly replied with a "staring" video of her own and the rest is history.

Fans clamoured to congratulate the girls on their newfound love.


And another said: "omg that’s the girl you dueted staring at each other and now y’all dating I LOVE THIS"

Madison is not the only Outer Banks star to reveal good news recently.

Co-stars and onscreen couple, Chase and Madelyn, also announced they were in a relationship.

Chase, 27, shared two romantic photos of the couple enjoying a date night on the beach.

He captioned the pics: "Cats outta the bag."

The photos show the couple enjoying a picnic on the beach, including one of Madelyn holding up a bottle of wine and smiling.

She commented on his post, writing: 'I’ve fallen and I cant get up.'

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