Naga Munchetty asks are you safe as she airs concern over co-star

Naga Munchetty speaking about her health condition

BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt’s biggest new story on Thursday morning was the new statistics which revealed more than 490 million pints of milk are wasted each year.

To combat this issue, supermarket chains Marks and Spencer have joined forces with Morrisons to ditch use-by dates on their own branded milk.

This will be replaced by a best-before date and buyers will be encouraged to smell and taste the product before deciding to throw it away.

Naga and Charlie were also joined by dairy farmer Ceri Cryer who was keen to share her tips and tricks on how to make milk last longer.

However, during the interview, Naga became increasingly concerned about Ceri as she reported live from her farm surrounded by cows.

Concerned for her safety, Naga asked: “Ceri are you safe around those cows? I can see you being nudged around by them. I’m just checking on your safety.”

The farmer explained: “We just gave them a little bit of cake to come visit us, then one just pooped right next to me so, I’m clean.”

The broadcaster simply replied: “Joyful,” as she chuckled at the chaos of the interview.

Giving her advice, Ceri explained: “I think we need to be valuing the food that we are buying, most food waste happens at the consumer level.

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“We need to be valuing the food that we have and not just throwing it away. You have to make sure you are keeping it cold.

“You need to put it in the main part of the fridge at the back and not at the front in the door of the fridge which is the warmest part.

“I would look at the milk and see if I can see spots or a yellow colour that I wasn’t expecting, then I would sniff and then I would give it a little taste.”

Last week Naga took time off from presenting on the BBC show following her recent health diagnosis which left her “screaming” in agony.

After being told she had adenomyosis, she told her Radio 5 Live listeners: “Right now as I sit here talking to you: I am in pain. Constant, nagging pain.

“In my uterus. Around my pelvis. Sometimes it runs down my thighs. And I’ll have some level of pain for the entire show and for the rest of the day until I go to sleep.”

BBC Breakfast airs everyday from 6am on BBC One.

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