Maura Higgins forces taxi to pull over for some air after a VERY boozy night out with Jessica Wright

MAURA Higgins was left feeling worse for wear after a boozy night out with Jessica Wright.

The Love Island star forced her taxi to pull over on the way home for some much-needed air, and she was spotted sitting on the floor with a concerned pal checking on her.

She staggered out of the taxi and rested against a wall while her pal rubbed her back.

Earlier in the night Maura was in high spirits as she showed off her amazing figure in skintight Versace leggings and a matching top.

She strutted her way into trendy restaurant MNKY HSE for a late night dinner in a pair of towering stilettos and swinging her Dior saddle bag.

Earlier in the night she asked fans about her outfit and worried that it might "look like curtains".

But bold Maura admitted that she would probably wear the designer outfit anyway.

"I'm having mixed opinions from friends about this outfit," she told her followers on Instagram.

"So do I wear this outfit tonight? Or do I not?

"Does it look a bit like a curtain?

"I don't know why I'm asking because I feel like I'm going to wear it anyway no matter what anyone says."

Despite her reservations Maura stepped out in the eye-catching outfit for dinner.

She then met up with Jessica Wright at the LUXX nightclub where they danced to Cardi B's explicit hit WAP.

Former Towie star Jessica also made an undignified exit from the LUXX nightclub in Mayfair with a yellow stain on her white satin dress.

Meanwhile, Jessica admitted it was her second night out on the trot after celebrating her 35th birthday on Friday.

"It's that second day when you've been out the night before and it's time to get ready again and I really wasn't up for it because understandably I had a slight hangover," she told fans on Instagram.

But she soon got in the mood again by having a massage and blow dry in her hotel room.

She shared a sexy video of herself all dressed up in a white silky wrap dress as she left her hotel.

Leaving the club in the early hours of the morning her blow dry was still in tact and she had a huge grin on her face after dancing the night away.

Only the yellow stains on her dress hinted at a night of debauchery.

The Sun Online has contacted Maura's representative for comment.

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