Lucifer: What name did Dr Linda and Amenadiel nearly pick for their son? Clue you missed

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Lucifer season five, part one, will premiere on Friday, August 21 on Netflix worldwide. Part of the new series will follow Amenadiel (played by DB Woodside) and Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) as they raise their young son, Charlie, on Earth. has everything you need to know about their son.

What name did Dr Linda and Amenadiel nearly pick for their son?

In the fourth series of Lucifer, Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) had a baby together.

Not only did the new parents have a falling out about where they were going to raise their child, but they also bickered over his name.

Linda fought for the name Michael, but Amenadiel shot the name down.

In the end, Linda and Amenadiel decided to name their newborn son Charlie.

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After his life was put at risk when Dromos (Graham McTavish) abducted him to try and take Lucifer back to Hell, Amenadiel decided his son would be raised on Earth, away from the supernatural world.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight ahead of season five, DB Woodside reflected on the choice of their son’s name.

He said: “We’re all one big dysfunctional family, and if people go back to season four, there’s a scene between Amenadial and Dr Linda, and they’re trying to think up names for their baby.

“And one of the names proposed was Michael. Amenadial’s not a fan of Michaels at all.

“I think it’s safe to say Amenadial prefers Lucifer over Michael.”

At the time of filming season four, the cast were unaware Lucifer’s brother Michael would be making an appearance in the fifth series. They also did not know he would be cast in a villainous role.

Woodside confessed to Entertainment Tonight he and Harris did not consider the possibility of Michael being Lucifers’ twin.

However, it seems a clue about Michael’s debut was hinted at towards the end of season four.

At the moment it remains unknown why exactly Amenadiel does not like Michael.

There is the possibility it could have something to do with Lucifer’s banishment to Hell, tearing Amenadiel and his brother apart.

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On the other hand, as Michael’s brother, Amenadiel may just know he is not a very good person or there could be some sibling rivalry.

Lucifer fans have taken to Reddit to share their theories about why Amenadiel was so against naming his baby Michael.

One fan said: “Although it hasn’t been explained yet (and maybe never will) it is likely he has some sort of rivalry with the Angel Michael or doesn’t like him for some other reason.”

A second fan commented: “Probably because Michael was the leader of the army of God against Lucifer( when Lucifer started the rebellion).”

A third fan added: “Michael was basically the biggest a** of the archangels. Also the strongest.”

Woodside said: “Michael comes to the show and Michael causes some havoc… a considerable amount of drama. So it’s gonna be fun.”

He also revealed Amendiel is one of the first characters to find out about Michael’s true indemnity, revealing he has an ‘extremely dangerous’ agenda.

Woodside continued: “Michael has an agenda. And, it’s gonna take us a little while before we realize what his agenda really is.

“his agenda is extremely dangerous. And it’s gonna take the entire family to disrupt Michael’s agenda.”

The fifth series could see Charlie put in danger once again as he is a Nephilim, a son of God.

Amenadiel has broken the laws of nature by having a child with a human, so perhaps Michael is on Earth to put things right and take Michael to hell.

Fans will have to wait until season five, part A premieres to find out.

Lucifer season 5 premieres Friday, August 21 on Netflix

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