Love Islander says everything was banned as producers confiscated her items

Love Island's Tanyel Revan has revealed she had a ton of her belongings "banned" from the TV villa.

Due to ITV's strict rules, the star had her designer items taken away from her which left her "gutted".

Tanyel told Daily Star: "Most of my stuff is designer, so my shoes and my sunglasses were taken.

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"So I was really upset and I'd always be like 'Harris can do it. Harris has got designer trainers'.

"I think guys just get away with everything. I think it's because it's more like I think footwear is not as obvious."

"I wasn't happy like there was a lot that couldn't come through.

"I got everything back in the end and they gave us a lot of free stuff as well like the eBay Pre-loved, some of it was designer, so I was happy."

"They did warn us they literally said like 'You shouldn't even wear Nike' or whatever but we still tried it."

Tanyel also told us that she was the "number one rule breaker" during the Winter 2023 series.

She explained: "We got told off a lot. I was the number one rule-breaker by the way.

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"I was really bad that genuinely people had enough of me.

"So every single day I had to sit on the naughty step, I was like an actual child.

"So lunch and dinner you're just not allowed to talk about juicy things as they're not aired anyway so you're supposed to talk about stuff from home or whatever."

Tanyel continued: "They'd be like 'Tanyel, you need to go over there. You do this every time, you don't learn your lesson' and put me on the naughty step.

"It was literally every single time. I was just always in trouble in that sense.

"You want to talk about what's going on, especially when you're away from the boys, you want to gossip and then you're told not to, it's hard."

Tanyel also confirmed she would not be looking to return to the ITV villa any time soon like Adam Collard and Kady McDermott.

The TV star said "once was enough" and declared that she's actually found love outside the villa.

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