Lizzo Opens Up About Landing Mandalorian Role: 'I Cried All Day'

Mando, meet Lizzo. Lizzo, meet Mando.

Four-time Grammy Award winner Lizzo has shared her deep-felt reaction, as a longtime Star Wars fan, to being cast on The Mandalorian.

Lizzo appeared in the April 5 episode of Disney+’s flagship Star Wars series as The Duchess, one of the elected leaders of the democratic planet Plazir-15. Partnered with fellow guest star Jack Black’s Captain Bombardier, the Duchess among other things led Grogu to somersault into her arms to enjoy a kipper, as well as benefit from the li’l guy’s Force powers, which were discreetly deployed to help her win a game of space croquet.

Closing out her guest spot, Lizzo’s dynamically costumed Duchess knighted (Sir?) Grogu.

“As a kid, my dad showed me Star Wars like a rite of passage,” Lizzo shared on Twitter, along with several BTS photos of her with fellow guest stars Black and Christopher Lloyd (who played a sketchy security chief). As such, “When I got the role of The Dutchess [sic] I cried all day. Dad, I wish u were here to see this!”

“Thanks to everyone in the Galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars,” Lizzo noted, adding two go-to Star Wars/Mandalorian sayings: “This is The Way,” and “May the Force be with U.”

Lizzo also shared her Grogu-centric take on the popular “How It Started/How It’s Going” meme, below:

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