Little People's Tori Roloff 'prays' she's the mother Lilah 'deserves' after breaking down over dwarfism diagnosis

LITTLE People’s Tori Roloff “prays” she’s the mother daughter Lilah “deserves” after breaking down in tears over the baby's dwarfism diagnosis. 

Tori, 29, posted a heartfelt tribute to her child alongside two beautiful photos of the little girl smiling and laughing in her mom’s arms. 

She wrote: “… I pray I’m the mother you deserve Lilah. I love you so much it hurts sometimes. I want to be the best role model for you. 

“I want to live my life as best I can just to show you how good life can be and is. As long as you keep smiling Lilah Girl- that’s enough for me. “You’re going to do wondrous things my little minnow.” I can see it already”

Tori’s fans loved the beautiful display and rushed to congratulate the momma and shower her with compliments. 

One wrote: “OMG! She’s just so damn adorable..”

“Her smile makes me smile every time! Precious! ❤️,” penned another.

While a third added: “Good job mama that’s one happy bb!!”

Tori, who is also mom to Jackson, two, was in tears when she discovered that her unborn daughter was also going to be a little person.

Married to husband Zach, 30, Tori found out their unborn daughter, Lilah, has a form of dwarfism, the same as her brother and dad. 

In a trailer for an episode of Little People, Big World, Tori tells producers she is currently 20 weeks pregnant and "things are moving quickly."

The clip then cuts to Zach, Tori and their two-year-old son, Jackson, at the doctor's office where the OB/GYN can be heard saying: "The forehead is larger and most of the long bones are two weeks behind.

"She is most likely going to be an LP."

Zach cut in and told producers: "We were in a bit of a shock. It's a lot to process."

Tori was then seen leaving the doctor's office as she wiped away the tears and probably kept it together for the sake of her husband and child.

Tori gave birth to Lilah in November 2019 and later confirmed that indeed, her daughter also had dwarfism.

She revealed the news in a series of Instagram stories – after someone asked her about Lilah.

And when another person asked if she had a C-section, she said: "Because Lilah has dwarfism.

"It’s not that I couldn’t have a VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean section] but just most likely it would have ended in a C-section so we just skipped ahead."

"The hospital this time was so much more difficult for me.

"However I feel like I’ve recovered a lot faster this time around.

"Now just trying to get back into shape and love my body through [postpartum]."

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