Kim's shock new sex conquest revealed in Emmerdale as she seduces younger man?

With husband and confidante Graham Foster (Andrew Scarbrough) tragically out of the picture in Emmerdale, Kim Tate (Claire King) could be set to find herself a new lover… in the form of Vinny (Bradley Johnson)?

Actor Bradley — who portrays Vinny in the long-running ITV serial drama — told Inside Soap: ‘I think Vinny’s at that age where he thinks he’s a bit of a ladies’ man, which he probably isn’t!’

‘He’s a bit of a geeky character, and we’ve seen a bit of him fancying Belle. However, since Graham’s gone, Kim Tate is without a love interest, so Vinny could be her toy boy!’

Can you see such a thing happening?

Emmerdale certainly has an affinity for putting characters together that viewers wouldn’t necessarily have paired up — many of which have proven to be among the best decsions the soap has ever made, so stranger things have happened.

Vinny is currently at the centre of a huge storyline in the soap, as his parentage came to light when Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) revealed that the young boy isn’t technically her’s, but she’s loved him like a son since she first set eyes on him.

Meanwhile, Kim is angry at Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), as she inherited all of Graham’s money, and therefore she’s determined to make sure the vet doesn’t get her hands on the cash. Oh, Kim.

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