Kelly Clarkson admits she can 'NEVER imagine getting married again' after nasty divorce from ex Brandon Blackstock

KELLY Clarkson admitted she can "NEVER imagine getting married again" after her nasty divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

She also recently admitted that she can't stop crying over her failed marriage.

During Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show where she talked to Gwyneth Paltrow, the mom of two congratulated the actress on getting married two years ago and having Steven Spielberg be her unofficial wedding videographer.

However, when talking about Gwyneth's second marriage, Kelly told her: "You've been married for two years! I mean, coming from someone who is in the midst of divorce, I can't even imagine doing it again.

"That's amazing that you found love, space to be vulnerable, and that level to say yes and do it again."

The Contagion actress then told her that she struggled a lot after her own divorce from Chris Martin back in 2016, but that she worked on herself and allowed to learn from the mistakes she had previously made in order to get in a relationship and ultimately, in a marriage, with Brad Falchuk.

"You'll have it again, Kelly. It just takes time," Gwyneth told her.

Kelly told her: "I'm actually in that place, that a lot of people go through when they're getting a divorce, it's almost like you're dating yourself again.

"Like you actually take time for yourself again and I love dating me. I'm actually not looking for it but it's also a beautiful thing for people who are going through divorce, like me, and do want that in the future, knowing that it can and will probably happen for you again."

Kelly talking about dating herself comes after sources revealed to Ok! Magazine that the singer sobs every day over her divorce.

Sources told OK! : "She's not in the best place emotionally… One day, she just started crying uncontrollably. She felt so lost, so alone. That's when she knew she'd hit rock bottom."

Insiders continued: "Kelly is stunned that things have taken such a nasty turn.

"All she wanted was to get out of the relationship, but Brandon's made it extremely difficult to walk away peacefully."

According to OK! insiders shared Kelly is "… stressed to the max… She's worried about how much the divorce is going to cost her while trying to keep the kids shielded from all the explosive family drama."

"It's shocking to those who knew them as a couple, but it's hard for them to be civil.

"Relations between Kelly and Brandon have gotten even more bitter since the lawsuits. She doesn't trust him, and he feels she's thrown him to the wolves."

Sources also told the magazine Kelly has been leaning on her inner circle which includes her fellow judge on The Voice, Blake Shelton, and music icon and her former mother-in-law, Reba McEntire.

They said: "Blake will cheer her up by telling one of his goofy stories that don't ever seem to have a point, or humming a tune he just thought up."

OK! said of Kelly's relationship with Reba she "is like a mother to Kelly and she's told her in no uncertain terms that things will get better and not to lose hope.

"Nothing is off-limits. It helps that Reba's known Brandon since he was a kid, so she has a unique insight on the situation."

Insiders added of her friends: "Kelly knows they're right, and she is so thankful for her friends and her children right now. She doesn't know what she'd do without them."

The sources shared Kelly's two children she shares with Brandon, River Rose, 6, and son Remington, 4, are most helping her through this very hard time.

They shared: "Hard as it may be, Kelly's finding strength doing mundane things at home with River and Remington.

"She bakes cookies, draws with them, reads them bedtime stories — those moments remind her that there's a lot of good in her life, and she's holding on to that with everything she has." 

Kelly filed for divorce from Brandon in June after seven years of marriage.

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