Keke Palmer’s Scream Queens Role Led Her to Creating Southern Belle Insults

Keke Palmer describes herself as someone who has always had a “very goofy personality.” But it wasn’t until she landed a role on Scream Queens—the satirical sorority thriller costarring Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Billie Lourd, and Emma Robertsthat she began to explore the art of comedy writing.

“When I did Scream Queens, I realized, ‘Okay, this is an opportunity for me to really kind of dive in that comedic side of myself in television in a way that I hadn’t done before,'” says‘s spring cover star in this episode of Little Black Book.

On set, Palmer says she was encouraged to do improv, which allowed her to explore and stretch that creative muscle. Afterward, she began to take improvisation and comedy itself more seriously by studying the medium.

To promote the Scream Queens, Palmer teamed up with writer and digital producer Max Wyeth to create small skits on social media. Eventually, Wyeth wrote the character of Lady Miss Jacqueline, a Southern belle with a penchant for doling out effusive insults. And from there, the skits snowballed. They created another character, named Chelsea Barbay Taylor, who Palmer calls a “Valley girl that’s a little bit identity-less. You don’t really know who she thinks she is, but what you do know is that she really loves herself.” They then made a separate Instagram account called Southern Belle Insults, which now hosts the same-name series.

Seeing her fans react positively to the Instagram series inspires Palmer. “It excites me to know that they’re enjoying it,” she says. “Especially right now, it’s so important that we laugh and that we have fun and that we put a smile on one another’s face.”

Watch Palmer’s full interview above.

Filmed at Hudson Yards.

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