Jon Gosselin accuses ex-wife Kate of blocking him from kids Collin and Hannah’s bank accounts – The Sun

KATE Gosselin’s ex-husband, Jon, has accused her of blocking him from their children Collin and Hannah's bank accounts.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Jon, 42, insisted accounts and trusts for each child in his custody would be transferred to him, according to a May 14, 2019 agreement.

Jon claimed in an October 18, 2019 petition for contempt against Kate, 44, that there have been “no account transfers” for Collin and Hannah, the two sextuplets he has primary custody over.

He requested the accounts be transferred to him.

In Kate’s response to his request for contempt filed on October 30, 2019, she noted a correspondence between their lawyers, where her attorney told Jon he “needed to establish” new accounts for the children and provide the mother “with documentation of opening of those accounts.”

The court papers continued: “Counsel also noted that Father would need to cooperate with the TLC network to set up direct deposit for the accounts in his name in order to receive deposits going forward.”

The Kate Plus 8 star claimed he failed to do so and that the “accounts are ready to be transferred once Father takes certain steps required by the bank.

The court ordered the trusts and accounts shall be transferred to him, and that he should arrange for the direct deposits of funds into the accounts.

Kate was ordered to provide any and all documents necessary, and to provide Jon with quarterly accounts of all trusts and accounts he is the custodian of.

As The Sun previously reported, Jon’s petition for contempt also included claims that she filmed the four 15-year-old children in her custody, Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden, without his consent for a standalone episode of Kate Plus 8 last year.

Jon claimed he did not receive information from Kate or TLC that “filming of the minor children was to occur" for the October 1, 2019 episode, which featured their 19-year-old twin daughters Mady and Cara’s college tours and a family vacation.

He demanded his ex-wife be held in contempt and pay $1,500.

In Kate’s response to his petition, she claimed she “was under the mistaken impression” that the network was “handling all notifications to the Father and that she was not personally responsible for these notifications” regarding filming for the episode.

She then filed a counterclaim against Jon, accusing him of continuing to “publicly embarrass” her and “tarnish” her reputation.

Kate also blamed Jon for TLC’s cancellation of Kate Plus 8.

She explained in the court papers that he sold private information and documents to “shed negative light on Mother and directly on the TLC network, which consequently leaves the network unwilling to continue its relationship with Mother.”

The reality star continued that Jon “reportedly took deliberate and willful steps to interfere with mother’s ability and TLC’s desire to film further episodes of Kate Plus 8.”

The court found her in contempt and ordered her to pay $1,500 in attorney’s fees to Jon.

Her counterclaim against Jon was dismissed.

Kate has primary physical custody of Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden, while Jon has the remaining two sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, in his care.

Twins Mady and Cara, 19, live at their respective colleges, though they side with Kate and do not speak to their father Jon.

Jon and Kate have been involved in a nasty custody battle since they divorced in 2009 after 10 years of marriage.

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