John Travolta Teaches Kevin Hart To Be An Action Star In Die Hart Series Trailer

“Why can’t I be an action star?” Kevin Hart asks in the new red-band trailer for his upcoming comedy web series Die Hart.

Riffing on his successful Ride Along films with Ice Cube, where Hart played comic relief to Ice Cube’s stoney demeanor–and, of course, referencing 1988 gold standard action film Die Hard–Hart’s new comedy series sees him playing a frustrated fictionalized version of himself who wants to be seen as action star material.

In the trailer, Hart is tired of sharing the limelight with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson–yet another reference to a film where Hart played a comedy sidekick in real life, 2016’s Central Intelligence. So he gives himself over to an Action Star School run by an eccentric trainer: A Bald To Badass John Travolta in the role of Coach Ron Wilcox.

Humorously, Johnson doesn’t appear in the trailer and wasn’t been listed in the press release, so it’s not clear if he’s even on the show. But fans can expect a supporting cast of famous action stars like Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional) and Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down). Also attending Action School with Hart is Nathalie Emmanuel (who played Missandei on Game of Thrones). We see them fighting and wearing motion capture suits, hitting all the predictable marks one would expect on a journey to become, “a real life Rambo.” Die Hart will start streaming on July 20.

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