Joe Exotic's Complete Tri-Groom Wedding Available to Stream … with Joe Providing the Soundtrack!

The “Tiger King” star married both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a civil ceremony in 2014 complete with a tiger (of course) and tutu-wearing monkey!

Can’t get enough of Joe Exotic? Don’t have the patience to await the teased new episode of "Tiger King" purportedly hitting Netflix this week, or the upcoming ID series exploring the mystery of Carole Baskin’s missing husband? Well maybe you’d like to saddle up and go on a ride through Joe’s 2014 three-way wedding to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.

It’s only one of the more bizarre twists — and trysts — of the blockbuster docuseries. Not only was it a polygamous marriage, but neither John nor Travis were apparently gay. Nevertheless, they both agreed to marry the exotic animal owner and Oklahoma zookeeper. The allure of tigers and drugs?

The riveting docuseries that has swept the nation during this strange period of self-isolation amid the novel coronavirus pandemic did offer glimpses of that magical day, that saw all three men in matching pink shirts, black pants and power belts, but now the entire 23-minute magically surreal experience is available online.

As multi-partner weddings are not necessarily legal on the books, the guys settled for a civil ceremony, but they still went all out with with a totally in character ceremony and even a lavish — we’ll go ahead and call it lavish — reception celebration afterward. If it’s got a tiger and a tutu-wearing monkey, it’s lavish!

Available via JoeExoticTV, the film footage is set to a stunning score of Joe Exotic’s original music, so you know it’s as much an auditory delight as it is a visual one.

While the ceremony was certainly memorable, the love was not meant to last. Finlay left the zoo and the relationship a few years later, while Maldonado committed suicide in late 2017.

Exotic has since remarried, and remains tied to Dillon Passage as he serves a 22-year sentence for attempting to have arch-rival Carole Baskin murdered.

And if you enjoyed that video, there are a ton more of them on the JoeExoticTV YouTube page, including his bizarre gubernatorial candidate commercials that got him noticed by John Oliver, footage of Exotic in the wrestling ring, commercials starring Exotic and, of course, plenty of wild animals. It’s pretty … well, wild is as good a word as any!

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