Jinger Duggar slammed for saying she's 'been pondering the reality' of 2020 as she's accused of 'not caring' about Covid

JINGER Duggar has been criticized by people online after revealing she had been "pondering the reality" of 2020.

The 27-year-old Counting On star took to Instagram on Saturday to share a snap of her and her husband Jeremy Vuolo sat side-by-side.

Jinger wrote a lengthy caption alongside the photo, which showed the couple enjoying a hot beverage.

She began: "2020, what a year it’s been. Many people have suffered more this year than they ever have before.

"Many have wept over the loss of a loved one. Countless have lost their source of income. Depression and anxiety running rampant as the future remains uncertain.

"I have been pondering the reality of what has taken place this past year. It’s a year that has shaken not only the US but the entire world.

"How easy it is for us to place our confidence in health, finances, or even government."

Jinger continued: "I have been reminded more over the past year of the truth of God’s ultimate control over all things.

"Who could’ve predicted at the beginning of 2020 that it would’ve unfolded the way it did? And yet, none of what has taken place this past year is a surprise to God.

"He is still in control. He is still on His throne. His promises are still true.

"As Christians, we can rest in this reality—that no matter what hardship God allows to come our way, He is working it together for our good and His glory. (Romans 8:28)."

She added: "One truth that I want to consistently remind myself of this year is that, regardless of the circumstances, we CAN have perfect peace because our HOPE is in Heaven."

While many of Jinger's 1.4 million followers replied with nice comments, one person shared a screenshot of the post on Reddit and wrote alongside it: "Oh my god, SHUT UP!"

Many people were quick to comment on the thread and slam Jinger for her actions throughout the pandemic.

One wrote: "This coming from a person who flew her mother and sister across the country to visit a newborn, a mother and sister who I might add are never seen wearing masks in public, just some sorry bandana, once."

Another person added: "You guys won’t even mask. You are the problem!"

And a third wrote: "Shut 👏the 👏f**k 👏up! You have no right to open your uncovered mouths you hypocrites.

"Stop trying to sound ‘relatable’ (Man, how about that pandemic. Crazy time, amiright?! Can I get an amen?) . . you just sound like massive a**holes. Read the f**king room."

A fourth Reddit user simply wrote: "Liking them less and less."

And another person fumed: "I cannot stand these tone-deaf posts as of late. This year has been HORRIBLE for people, and honestly there's ways to write that while also demonstrating gratitude that doesn't come off so…douchey and cavalier."

Jinger's post comes after it was reported that the Duggar family broke social distancing rules by throwing a huge New Year's Eve party.

Taking to Reddit on January 1, one person shared an Instagram Story which appeared to show the family celebrating the start of 2021 with plenty of guests.

Alongside a video of four separate Instagram Story posts, the person wrote: "Instagram stalking random fundies and found a good video of the Duggars NYE party.

"I don't see anything crazy juicy but maybe one of you will!" they added.

The first clip showed lots of people gathered in what appeared to be their huge living area singing a religious song.

The Story was captioned: "A great way to end 2020," and the next clip showed hoards of people gathered outside to watch a fireworks display.

The Duggars have been consistently criticized for flouting public safety rules during the Covid pandemic.

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