Jersey Shore Recap: Angelina and JWoww Hash Out 24 Drama, Before Vinny Gets Dragged Into It

Angelina also melts down at production, before Ronnie speaks out after his October 2019 arrest.

Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni "JWoww" Farley finally settled their months-long beef on Thursday’s new episode of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," but the 24 drama isn’t over yet. As Jenni smoothed things over with one costar, she revealed her real frustrations with someone who usually flies above all the drama: Vinny Guadagnino.

At the heart of both feuds was Jenni’s reaction to an episode of their show which had just aired, showing what really went down during a wild night for the cast in Las Vegas. In it, Jenni got blackout drunk in the club, 24 made Angelina uncomfortable with his behavior and Vinny seemed to downplay what happened when he filled JWoww in on everything the next morning.

After watching the episode, Jenni went off on Angelina on social media. As an olive branch, however, she flew down to New Orleans for Angelina’s bachelorette weekend and surprised her by decorating their suite. The two then had a long-overdue conversation about everything that happened between them.

"Truthfully, I did not come down here to start drama. We’re not in a great place, but I don’t want any regrets and I don’t want to say I wasn’t part of your weekend over something petty," Jenni began. "I’m her for you, with all the bullshit aside. That night, what you did, I have no right to be mad at you whatsoever."

Regarding 24, Jenni said she "made him leave the house the day that it aired. He has no excuse, I said you’re an idiot." She also apologized for blowing up at Angelina in Point Pleasant, adding that at the time she felt like "nobody told me the truth" about what happened in Vegas.

Both women then pointed the finger at Vinny, the only one who wasn’t drunk the night in question. When speaking with Jenni, he made it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal, saying 24 was simply holding Angelina’s hip. When talking to Angelina and the boys, however, he made it sound more problematic and said he touched her behind.

In her conversation with Angelina, Jenni said it was "hurtful" Vinny didn’t describe what he saw better. "At the end of the day, I come off like a psychotic person, fighting a battle that should have never been fought over something that never existed," she said. "And all he had to do was simply check me and be like, here’s what I saw, he never did that."

The two put the drama behind them and joined Deena and Snooki on the town. Since she had an early flight the next morning to get back to her kids, Jenni didn’t stay out all night, but Angelina appreciated her appearance nonetheless.

What she didn’t appreciate, however, were the drunk antics of the two Meatballs. As they stumbled out of the club and into their van, Angelina was clearly frustrated with their behavior. Inside the vehicle, she got upset at production and demanded the cameras be turned off.

"Why do you have the f–king camera on me? Put it down for like 5 minutes," she yelled, putting her hand in the camera lens. "I don’t want to be filmed. I wanna go home, I’m gonna f–king go home. Put it down, enough! I’m DONE. I told you turn it off, turn the other one off too. I’m done. I’m going home! I just want to f–king walk away for two seconds."

Snooki chalked it up to Angelina just being exhausted and brushed everything off.

All three of them woke up the next day around 1pm, after getting home at six in the morning. They all looked a wreck, as Snooki said she felt like "a bag of dicks." Angelina admitted to acting like an "asshole," while Deena simply wondered who the hell stays up until 6am anymore. As they made their way to brunch, they revived the Vinny conversation.

Deena revealed Jenni confronted Vinny about his inconsistent storytelling on the cast group chat. His response, according to her, read: "Listen Jenni, I told you, I really don’t know what you want from me. To tell you what happened or not say anything about it. I told you what happened, I told you what I saw. I saw the hand on the hip. If you don’t get that at this point, then I don’t know what to tell you."

She never wrote back.

As all this was going down in New Orleans, Vinny, Mike Sorrentino and Pauly D were having a bro-cation in Las Vegas. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro wasn’t there, as their trip happened right after his arrest following a fight with Jen Harley. He was initially charged with felony kidnapping, domestic violence, brandishing a weapon, child endangerment, two counts of resisting arrest, and making criminal threats misdemeanors. He pled not guilty to all charges and the kidnapping, weapon and criminal threats charges were dropped. The case is ongoing.

"He needs to man up. He’s gotta take care of himself," Sitch said to his costars about Ron. "Ronnie could be addicted to chaos. He has to make good decisions and those decisions might exclude his baby mama Jen."

"The common denominator in all these big events on TMZ is Jen," said Vinny, before Mike said Ron’s own choices are also to blame. "She’s one of his choices, he’s not making good choices," he said.

They decided to call Ron up and invite him to join them as they crashed Angelina’s bachelorette party. He answered, with Mike asking how he was holding up.

"One day at a time, bro," he said, saying his arrest was due to "a bunch of unfortunately events that were completely out of my control." He added, "All I can do is stay away from that situation that got me to where that is. All I can do is move forward and hope it never happens again and just grow as a person and grow as a man and grow as a father and that’s all I can really do."

The boys also addressed the Jenni drama, with Vinny saying being the only witness "backfired" on him big time. Calling it a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, he added, "If I would have made a big deal about it, I would have been Angelina talking shit about 24. But if I didn’t make a big deal about it, it’s you didn’t say enough. So you’re caught in between."

He’ll have to face Jen in person next week, as the saga continues on "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

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