Jerry Seinfeld Admits That He Didn't Really Enjoy The Process on 'Seinfeld'

By the time Seinfeld reached its final season, Jerry Seinfeld was the highest-paid TV actor of his time. The series was so successful that NBC was willing to stop at nothing to keep the train running. Now, decades after the series went off the air, the standup comedian earns millions from syndication, but he recently admitted that his time on the show wasn’t all that fun for him. In fact, he suggested the process of writing Seinfeld was “dreary.”

Jerry Seinfeld is surprised that some episodes have remained popular for so long

Seinfeld turned out to be a series with a lot of staying power. Years after the show went off the air, fans continue to quote it and even celebrate the show’s fictitious holiday. That fact surprises the famed comedian. In a 2019 interview with USA Today, the 66-year-old comic said he and the other writers are shocked that Festivus has become a holiday in its own right.

He told the publication that it’s the biggest surprise from the series. He said, “ I think the biggest surprise to all of us was the staying power of Festivus. I think that completely surprised us. When I bump into any of the other writers, we’re all shocked by that.”

Seinfeld said that he found the process of writing the series dreary

While the show was wildly successful, Seinfeld admits he didn’t have a ton of fun writing it. In his upcoming book, Is This Anything?, the famed comedian admitted he was never great at the storytelling aspect of television writing. He claimed he enjoyed writing dialogue but had a difficult time focusing on the more nuanced storytelling required to make the series great, even as the years went on.

Seinfeld’s book is due to be released on Oct. 6. According to the publisher, the book is a collection of bits, jokes, and stories that the comedian has saved over the years. The material presented in the book spans 45 years of his storied career.  

A reboot of the series isn’t in the cards

Those hoping that Seinfeld will return to the sitcom that made him a household name will need to settle for reruns. He has absolutely no plans to return to the sitcom, even now, as reboots have become more common. He told USA Today in 2019 that a reboot is not in the cards, but he’s not opposed to reconnecting with his old friends in some fashion.

Jason Alexander, who spent nearly a decade portraying George Costanza, is open to a reboot but doesn’t foresee it happening. He told ABC Radio, “It’s not because we wouldn’t be interested. But if I know Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David as well as I do, they tend to like to set a trend, not follow one,”

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