Jed Duggar Said Arkansas Community Came 'Together' After Tornado Despite Warnings to Social Distance

It’s hard to keep up with everything Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest kids are up to these days. While the Duggars are still featured on TLC’s Counting On, they’re also sharing their personal stories on their own Instagrams. And Jed Duggar is the most recent member of the family to get his own account.

Typically, only the married Duggars have their own social media presence. But Jana and Jed are breaking from the mold. While Jed doesn’t appear to be courting anyone and is only 21 years old, he started his own Instagram to push his political agenda. And now, he’s sharing how he’s helping with disaster relief efforts in Arkansas. Unfortunately, while Jed’s heart might be in the right place, his followers are questioning whether he’s successfully social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat.

The Duggars often help with disaster relief

The Duggars frequently post photos and videos of them helping out with clean-up and relief efforts after natural disasters strike. And it seems they even created their own disaster relief business, MEDIC Corps, to help with natural disasters.

So far, we’ve seen plenty of the Duggars, particularly the adult still living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, flying out to natural disasters to help. And the Bates family from Bringing Up Bates also document how they’re helping with MEDIC Corps. But it’s unclear how much the Bates and Duggars are really helping those in need.

While the company’s website claims to have a trained team of first responders and physicians, the photos and videos shared by the families rarely show trained personnel. And MEDIC Corps frequently asks for donations, though it’s unclear where the money’s going.

It seems some outside volunteers also aren’t pleased with how the Duggars are doing things. When the Duggars tried to help with disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas, one volunteer claimed the family was commandeering supplies.

Jed Duggar just posted about assisting in Arkansas after a tornado hit

Despite many questioning how helpful the Duggars really are, Jed didn’t hesitate to post about his latest efforts. On March 28, a tornado ripped through Arkansas, leaving mass destruction behind. Jed posted photos and videos of the destruction, and he also included evidence of him working side-by-side with others in an attempt to clear out the mess.

“Even after seeing the damage up close, it is still hard to believe the devastation caused by the tornado yesterday in Jonesboro, Arkansas,” he captioned the post. “It was amazing to see the community and fellow Arkansans come together to help one another. I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer in the cleanup efforts today!”

His followers question if he’s social distancing

Jed limited the comments he could receive on the post — and we imagine he was likely getting quite a few notes that he didn’t like to see. Many are critical of the natural disaster relief efforts promoted by the Duggars as it is. And since the photos Jed shared show him surrounded by other community members hoping to make a difference, many are concerned he’s not following social distancing protocol that’s in effect due to coronavirus.

“You all should be wearing masks and gloves,” one follower commented.

“Yeah I really don’t think coming together is what you guys should be doing right now,” another wrote.

“What about the coronavirus?” another noted. “I love what you do for the people but we need to make sure this virus is not spreading out. To many people already died unfortunately!!”

We’re hoping Jed (and everyone else) was keeping a safe distance while helping out. But given the photo evidence, it seems the community members were a lot closer together than recommended.

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