Is ITV's Black Work a repeat?

TENSE ITV detective drama series Black Work is back on TV tonight.

Fans of thrillers will want to tune in for this one, as the three-part series follows a police officer uncovering a trail of secrets about her husband's mysterious death.

Is ITV's Black Work a repeat?

Yes, Black Work is a repeat of a series shown five years ago.

The programme first premiered on ITV in June 2015.

Amid TV programme shortages due to coronavirus, ITV are rerunning old series, and Black Work is one of them.

The three-part British detective thriller was very popular the first time it showed.

What is Black Work about?

The show tells the story of Jo Gillespie, a police officer married to a fellow police officer named Ryan.

Jo is told in the first episode that her husband has been shot dead afterworking undercover – doing 'black work' – for three years without her knowledge.

Jo tries to get to the bottom of her husband’s death and the gang he was trying to infiltrate- landing herself in grave danger.

During her searching, Jo becomes aware of an intricate cover-up, whichwill change the way she looks at her colleagues forever.

Jo must question everything she took for granted about her marriage and her husband's work.

Black Work stars Sheridan Smith as Jo,Andrew Knott as D.C. Lee Miekel, Ace Bhatti as D.C.I. Jahan Kapoor, Geraldine James as Chief Constable Carolyn Jarecki, Douglas Henshall as D.C.S. Will Hepburn and Andrew Gower as D.C. Jared Ansell.

When is Black Work on ITV?

Black Work episode 1 airs on ITV on Tuesday September 2, 2020 at 9pm.

The second episode will air on Wednesday September 3, and the third and final episode will show on Thursday, September 4 2020.

Episodes will be available on the ITV Hub after it has shown.

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