Inside Sam Thompson's plush London pad as Zara McDermott moves back in and redecorates after cheating scandal

SAM Thompson and Zara McDermott are making the most of their fresh start as a couple by redecorating the Made in Chelsea star's plush London pad.

The pair – who split back in September after it was revealed that the Love Island star, 24, cheated on him during her stint on X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 – are finally back on track with their relationship.

After their shock break-up in September 2020, Zara was forced to move out of Sam's beautiful million-pound West London pad.

Sam's world came crashing down when he found out that Zara had slept with music boss Brahim Fouradi while they were together.

After the split was made public, Zara started to do everything she could to prove that she was sorry about her infidelity.

She shared a number of things on her social media including a video montage of their memories together and continued to beg him for forgiveness.

Their big blow out was even caught on camera as they filmed it for a scene in Made in Chelsea.

But after a couple of months apart it seems that the pair realised that they couldn't live without each other.

After speculation that they were back together, Zara confirmed the rumours in December with an adorable snap of them kissing on her 24th birthday.

Now the beauty has moved back into Sam's gorgeous Chelsea pad that is situated right next door to Sam's sister Louise.

And their new beginning has inspired them to switch up what their house looks like.

They plan on redecorating the living room and giving their bedroom a bit of a spruce up with some mirrored wardrobes.

To keep busy during lockdown, Zara has also been keeping the kitchen immaculately clean.

However it doesn't look like they'll need to change anything in the garden as it already features a trendy sage green bar-table furniture, with six comfy seats alongside.

A sofa can be seen in the background as well as a patio heater.

A series of inspirational messages can be seen nailed onto a wooden post, including the words motivation and nutrition.

Back indoors, the kitchen features a bright white breakfast bar, with matching high stools, while appliances and storage cupboards are a sleek black with the handles a trendy silver.

A huge TV screen can be seen mounted to the wall for some entertainment during dining.

Despite being in incredible shape, Sam also boasts a naughty treat cupboard, stuffed with pasta, chocolate and cereal, in an image which showed her chowing down Lucky Charms straight out of the box.

The bedroom is simple and sophisticated, with white covers and wooden floorboards.

A second TV is mounted to the wall, above a white dressing table, with a comfy cream chair – perfect for taking selfies in – at the other end of the room.

Sam previously took a video to give fans a better insight of his life at home.

He moved into the home at the end of 2018, following months of refurbishment.

Sam then revealed all on his YouTube channel and, among his prized possessions are a 65 inch TV, nerf gun and a £500 Dyson vacuum – with Sam saying: "This is supposedly the best hoover in the business."

The posh terraced house also has a big but very messy basement – which Sam is currently using as a laundry area.

While down in the basement, Sam showed off his Off White trainers, saying: “These mean quite a lot to me. I don’t ever wear these actually, they’re almost just there for show.

“I wore them on one night out, got them scuffed, and I’ve never worn them since because I freaked.”

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