How much reality shows really pay – from I'm a Celeb's '£500k for Caitlyn Jenner' to Love Island’s measly '£250 a week

THEY agree to throw themselves out there and open up like never before on TV – often even risking injury for the sake of entertainment.

But while some celebs are rewarded for appearing on hit reality shows like I'm a Celebrity and Big Brother, others don't pay nearly as well.

Now Strictly Come Dancing has been caught up in a payment storm, after The Sun revealed some stars are snubbing the BBC hit over the £60,000 pay packet on offer.

It's claimed agents are well aware their stars can make much more money on rival shows such as I’m a Celebrity, as well as appear alongside household names.

But it's not the only show to come under fire over its fees in the past – and while some pay contestants meagre amounts (if anything), others are very liberal with the cash.

Ray J topped the list when he was reportedly paid £810,000 ($1million) to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, and it was claimed Caitlyn Jenner was paid half a million for her spot in I'm a Celeb last year.

Here's a look at how the pay packets vary between TV shows…

I'm a Celebrity – 'up to £500K'

It's the one time you're likely to see your favourite stars roughing it in the jungle and eating live bugs – and I'm a Celebrity reportedly ensures they're rewarded for their troubles.

Fees vary from campmate to campmate, but topping the rich list for Ant and Dec's show is allegedly Caitlyn Jenner – who is claimed to have landed £500,000 for her appearance last year.

Meanwhile a TV insider previously told The Sun that bosses blew over £1.4 million in total on the 2019 line-up – with Ian Wright apparently getting £400,000 and Kate Garroway thought to have got around £75,000.

Myles Stephenson is said to have got the least, with a £25,000 pay check.

Love Island – '£250 a week'

While ITV have never officially confirmed the going rate for Love Island contestants, The Sun previously revealed in 2018 that it equates to around £2.80 an hour during filming.

A TV insider claimed at the time: “All the islanders are getting £200 a week to be on the show… If you break it down to how many hours they’re filming every day it’s absolutely nothing!

“But they know the end goal is mega-money and fame."

However, last year the Daily Star claimed that ITV bosses had given them a small pay rise and agreed to pay the islanders £250 a week.

Gogglebox – '£1,500 monthly allowance'

Despite the fact that it doesn't sound like too much effort, those who appear on Gogglebox are paid a fee.

The Sun exclusively revealed in 2016 that each household is thought to be paid the same monthly allowance of £1,500.

A show insider shared that the fee is then split amongst contributors at their own discretion.

What's more, they also get to tuck into a free takeaway of their choice to keep them fuelled during long filming sessions.

Scarlett Moffatt previously revealed she managed to pay off her parents' mortgage thanks to her appearances on the show.

However, there are considerably larger sums handed out for Celebrity Gogglebox – with Martin and Roman Kemp thought to have been paid £12,000, (or roughly £2,000 per episode), for their recent appearances.

Producers have never officially confirmed how much each family is paid.

Dancing On Ice – 'up to £150K'

Much like its other shows, ITV has kept a close lid on exactly what celebrities are paid to appear on Dancing on Ice – however it's reported to be anywhere from £20,000 to £150,000.

In 2018, Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker admitted the money wasn't great – but didn't specify a figure she received.

She told the Daily Star: "The money is not great in my opinion.

"I've been training six days a week since October. If you make it to the final it's a six-month project, so the money isn't much in comparison.

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"In this industry you can go months at a time without a job though. You can't turn the work down. I have to work. I have a mortgage and bills to pay."

However, they pushed the boat out when it came to Pamela Anderson – who is reported to have received £150,000 for her time on the show in 2013.

Celebrity Big Brother – 'up to £810K'

Unlike the original Big Brother, which isn't thought to pay contestants to take part, Celebrity Big Brother has shelled out huge amounts for stars to appear.

The fee is different for every star depending on what their team can negotiate for them, and what the producers think they are worth.

The record holder is thought to be Kim Kardashian's ex Ray J, who was allegedly handed £810,000 for his time on the show in 2017, according to TMZ.

The year after, controversial housemate Roxanne Pallett was thought to be on £750,000 while Ryan Thomas was reportedly on £500,000.

The Apprentice – '£2,000'

Spending weeks under the watchful glare of Sir Alan Sugar deserves a decent pay day in itself.

But according to the Evening Standard, contestants are paid just £2,000 each to appear, all hoping for a chance at the top prize – a £250,000 business investment.

Not bad if you're first out, but fairly gutting it you make it to the final hurdle and fall there.

Come Dine With Me – £125 allowance

Contestants have been filmed rustling up a wide range of meals on Come Dine With Me in the past – and they have a little money to make it happen.

The Sun's Benjy Potter appeared on the dining show earlier this year and revealed how he was handed a £125 allowance towards food and drink for his guests.

Of course, with a whole week filming, the money is essential.

First Dates – '£25 each'

They go on the show to enjoy a gourmet restaurant meal and hopefully find love with a stranger.

And there's no appearance fee for contestants – with them instead reportedly being offered £25 each for the expense of their meal.

A representative for First Dates at Channel 4 told Bustle previously: "Every dater who visits the restaurant is given a £25 allowance towards the cost of their meal.

"If the meal costs more than the £25 allowance then the dater or couple then decide between them how to settle the outstanding restaurant bill. Daters receive no appearance fee."

Of course, it's more than likely it goes over now and again – so it's up to each couple to decide how to split their own bill.

Great British Bake Off – £0

Appearing on GBBO can come with a cost – with contestants reportedly not paid for appearing, and often having to take time off for filming.

Sophie Faldo, who appeared in 2017, previously said contestants have to pay for their ingredients during auditions – but then get an allowance once chosen for the tent.

"You’re given an allowance for however many shows you do to source the ingredients," she said, according to The Radio Times.

Naked Attraction – £0

It's possibly one of the most bizarre shows on TV – and frankly, contestants deserve a giant salary for their courage alone.

Stepping out completely naked on screen, only to have cameras zoom in, contestants are slowly assessed by a potential suitor and host Anna Richardson before being mercilessly cut out one by one.

But contestant Gavin previously revealed you aren't paid a penny for it. He told i: "You don't get paid if you're on the show."

However, he added:  "If you’re on standby and you don’t appear on the show then you get paid £75 for being in the room."


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