Hollyoaks: Is Liam Donovan dead? Exit storyline explained

HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock after Grace Black let her brother Liam Donovan fall to his death at his devilish dinner party.

The gangster had grown tired of Liam’s revenge schemes and when he tried to kill Mercedes, she finished him off instead. 

Why did Grace kill her brother Liam in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks viewers have watched Liam slowly spiral over the last few months as he became obsessed with making the people who he blames for his misfortune pay. 

He lured exes Mercedes McQueen and James Nightingale to the pub alongside Grace black and Maxine Minniver for his devils’ dinner party in last night's episode. 

The villain exposed Grace and James as the real culprits behind Mercedes’ shooting, before handing Mercedes his gun and issuing her with an ultimatum – shoot Grace and everyone else walks away unharmed. 

Warren Fox then broke in to save the day but Liam panicked and grabbed Mercedes to kill her.

But Grace was having none of her brother's pathetic antics and punched him away from her, murdering him in cold blood. 

Grabbing his tie she almost stopped him plummeting to his death into the cellar. 

"You have gone too far, you have to stop. I'm not a Donovan – I'm a Black," she sneered as she let go off his tie and sent him on his way to hell. 

Is Liam actually dead in Hollyoaks?

Liam certainly fell a long way down into the dingy cellar. 

But fans are claiming that he isn’t dead and will return for revenge on his killer sister. 

Following his fall, viewers took to Twitter to voice their theory that Liam will return to the soap in a shocking TV twist. 

One fan said: "So this means Liam is actually dead ?!??? There has to be some sort of twist ???????? #hollyoaks."

Another added: "If Liam is actually dead they wasted alot of potential #Hollyoaks."

However, actor Jude Monk McGowan has spoken out and implied that his dinner party was his final scene on the show. 

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, he said: "My time on Hollyoaks has been incredible. I’ve learned so much about the crafts of acting for camera.

"I’ve learned so much about the technicalities of working with a camera, which I was really hungry to learn about. I’ve been so fortunate to be as busy as I have been, with some very fun storylines, and to work with some incredibly talented people, who have helped me grow and learn."

"My favourite storyline must be my exit from the show. I liked the finality of it, and I liked how dramatic it was. I liked that I could just let loose in it.

"I’m absolutely going to keep in contact with all the pals that I’ve made on the show. The people that I had long term storylines with. I would count myself lucky enough to be their friends, and I very much hope that we work together on something in the future."

Will Grace get arrested for the murder in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks are yet to confirm whether Grace will pay the price of letting Liam drop down into the cellar and get arrested.

Fans will be aware that the power is now in Mercedes' hands after she saw the drama unfold.

Now that Mercedes knows Grace and James were behind the shooting that left her in a coma, she could be wanting to get revenge on Grace – and this would be the perfect opportunity.  

But she'll also be aware that Grace saved her from Liam’s evil clutches, so perhaps she’ll let bygones by bygones. 

With exact plot details yet to be confirmed, only time will tell.

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