Holly Willoughby on how marriage to Dan Baldwin is surviving lockdown

Holly Willoughby has opened up about her marriage to husband Dan Baldwin, and how they are coping amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 39-year-old rarely discusses her marriage to the 45-year-old TV producer and their family life, with children Harry, Belle and Chester.

However, during Thursday’s instalment of This Morning, she revealed that her husband of 12 years had been doing ‘little things’ to make a ‘difference’ during quarantine.

Taking part in a phone-in segment discussing squabbling families, she said: ‘I also think that doing little nice things gives you a bit of leeway in other areas as well.

‘We’ll be off in different parts of the house and I’ll come back and he’s made a cup of tea or put the washing away and I haven’t asked him and that really makes a difference.

‘Then I turn a blind eye to other things. Little things makes a big difference.’

To be fair, we wouldn’t mind a surprise cup of tea right now.

Holly and Dan tied the knot in 2007, and have been loved-up ever since.

However, during a stint on Celebrity Juice, the TV presenter confessed it wasn’t always friendly between the pair, explaining that she thought he was a ‘d**khead’ when they first met.

Which is… charming.


Lifting the lid on their first meeting, when she was fronting Saturday Showdown in 2004, the mum-of-three told Keith Lemon: ‘He’d come from MTV and he was very cool for school and I was in the studio doing silly pirouettes and being stupid. 

‘He looked at me like I was this wally of a person that was just spinning around.

‘I thought, “Oh my god, I hate [him]” – he just thinks he’s really cool.’

Stirring things up slightly more, Keith asked if she thought Dan was a ‘d**khead’ at first, to which she replied: ‘A little bit.’

Thankfully this changed, with the pair growing close and eventually becoming more than just good friends.

And they’ve never looked back.

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