Holly Willoughby fights back tears over lonely widower left devastated by wife's death who's looking for female company

HOLLY Willoughby looked moved to tears while speaking to a lonely widower who's looking for female company.

Viewer Tony Williams, 75, was left devastated by the death of his wife of 38 years in lockdown.

She died of cancer within weeks of being diagnosed in May.

He put up an advert outside his home, which read: "I have lost Jo. My lovely wife and soul mate.

"I have no friends or family. No one to talk to.

"I find the unremitting silence 24 hours a day unbearable torture.

"Can no one help me?"

Emotional Holly said: "Oh my gosh it's absolutely heartbreaking.

"I don't think that wouldn't have tugged on the heartstrings of anybody."

The presenter was visibly moved as she listened to Tony describe his wife and how he feels "cursed by loneliness".

One viewer said: "I’ll be Tony’s friend for life. I'm in tears."

Another added: "Tony is breaking my heart. The nation is your friend Tony.

A This Morning fan said: "My heart breaks for that old fella. You can tell he absolutely adored his wife."

Someone else added: "The elderly shouldn’t be that lonely. It’s absolutely heartbreaking."

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