Henry Cavill Never Gave Up Hope About Playing Superman Again, Even Though There Are Things Out of Your Control

One of the biggest surprises in “Black Adam” was Henry Cavill’s surprise cameo as Superman, setting up the return of one of the DC Universe’s most beloved heroes in subsequent Warner Bros. films. For Cavill, it was the latest step in a tumultuous journey that has included frequent executive turnover at Warner Bros. and a public debacle over the “Snyder Cut” of “Justice League.” But despite all of the chaos, he remains as enthusiastic as ever about continuing to suit up as Superman.

In a new interview with Deadline, Cavill opened up about putting on the cape again. He explained that his enthusiasm for the character never waned in the nine years since he first played Superman in “Man of Steel.” Despite not having control over the fate of the DC Universe, Cavill always hoped he would be able to reprise the role again someday.

“As an actor, you have to learn that there are things out of your control, no matter what you may think, no matter how your performance was, no matter what factors were not in your control in the first place, no matter how the audience feels,” Cavill said. “It was something which I had to very gently hold onto in my heart because I didn’t know whether I would have the opportunity to play it again. [But] the opportunity was very important to get again, and I’m very, very lucky and feel very privileged to have that opportunity now.”

Cavill knows that he is far from alone in his enthusiasm for Superman. The actor believes that the character remains so popular because he represents ideals that everyone strives to emulate.

“There’s something so true and honest and hopeful, which is the best of all of us, and I love that,” he said. ” I think it’s the thing which we all truly yearn for, deep, deep down, which is goodness, and everyone else being good, and good to one another, and helping one another. Even at our most cynical, I think that deep down, that’s what we want.”

“Black Adam” is now playing in theaters.

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