Heartwarming family reason Dani Dyer named her newborn baby Santiago

DANI Dyer has called her newborn baby Santiago and there is a very sweet reason behind the beautiful name.

And as far as we know, the tot wasn't conceived in the capital of Chile.

Dani, 24, boyfriend Sammy Kimmence welcomed their first baby on 23 January.

And her fans were sure she was going to name the tot Danny after her own EastEnders star dad.

The Love Island star hadn't yet shared the name on Sunday when she announced that she had given birth.

She wrote at the time: "After a very long day and night finally our special little boy arrived 23/01/2021💙 Weighing 7 pound..

"We are in a complete baby bubble and enjoying every moment, can not believe he is ours, completely in love and so grateful to be his mummy.. Sending all my love to all the other mommas to be out there in lockdown.. the best experience ever will never forget this day✨"

Now she has finally revealed they have named their first born Santiago and will call him 'Santi' for short.

The unusual name is Spanish and means 'Saint James' – the patron saint of Spain.

The spirited name is also a city in Chile and is often used as a surname in Spain.

It appears the moniker is a tribute to Dani's mum Joanne Mas and her Spanish heritage.

Dani's maternal granddad, who she affectionately calls 'Bruv', is from Majorca.

Dani revealed her son's name while speaking on the latest instalment of the podcast she hosts with her EastEnders star dad, Danny Dyer.

Proud grandad Danny said on Sorted With The Dyers: "So this episode is going to start a bit differently as we’ve got some massive news. It’s f***ing huge.

"Because… I’m a Granddad! Yeah, Granddad Danny is what I’m now known as. And Dani has sent a voice memo to update us, which I think is very, very lovely…"

Taking to the airwaves, Dani said: "I honestly can’t believe it, he’s finally here, our little boy. I never thought I’d meet him. I felt like it was going on and on.

"But me and Sammy are so in love with him. He’s just so perfect and the feeling is just incredible, I can’t put into words how it feels.

"I know you’re all probably wondering what we’ve called him. There’s been a lot of assumptions going on, some are actually really funny to be fair, but his name is Santiago."

Dani also defended the unusual moniker and said: "I know a lot of you are probably thinking ‘What?!’ but that is his name but we are going to be calling him Santi.

"I think it sounds nice on the birth certificate."

Dani has also revealed that she's going to eat her placenta after she had it made into capsules.

New mums may choose to eat their placenta as they believe that the nutrients passed from mother to foetus during her nine months of pregnancy are still packed inside the organ – and shouldn't be binned.

Eating the raw placenta could help the mum recover from giving birth and boost her strength while breastfeeding, according to the theory.

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