Gordon Ramsay reveals he 'brandishes a knife and swears at' daughters' boyfriends when they bring them home

GORDON Ramsay has revealed that he "brandishes a knife and swears at" his daughters' boyfriends when she brings them home.

The celeb chef, 54, admitted that he enjoys terrorising his daughters' love interests when they first meet.

The Hell's Kitchen star said he doesn't allow his daughter's to take their boyfriends upstairs – but would happily cook them a slap up meal before chucking them out.

Speaking on US channel Extra TV, Gordon said: "Four or five years ago they used to bring friends home, now they bring boyfriends home, which really grates on me.

"I just stand there, about to chop onions and stare at them with a knife, and go 'you are not going upstairs, you little sh**.'

"You are not going to go upstairs and rehearse that English exam, you are f**ing staying downstairs.'

"What the f*** would you like to eat and what time do you have to be f***ing kicked out of here.'"

The TV chef, who is known for dropping the F-bombs on his cooking shows, said the reason he swears up a storm at work, is down to sheer frustration.

He added: "I don’t mean to swear is down to the muppets you have with me."

The famous chef is dad to Megan, 23, Holly, 21, Jack, 21, Matilda, 19 and two-year-old Oscar.

His daughter Holly has turned her hand to modelling underwear amid reports she’s wanted for Love Island.

The 21-year-old has signed a big money deal with lingerie brand Boux Avenue to launch her very own edit – and she’s teased her fans with what is to come.

Earlier this year The Sun revealed that ITV bosses spent months trying to land the fashion student.

Insiders said she has cancelled modelling work to appear on the series this summer.

The student at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, central London, has also ap­peared with her family in CBBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.

A show source said: “Holly is the big signing — she’s the one they really wanted to get.

“It’s taken months of talks but Holly's now committed to it.

“She’s a very exciting addition to the cast and will be a massive hit with the viewers.

“Holly’s been brought up to work hard, show respect and not to rely on her dad’s celebrity.

“She’s finding her own way and will be successful in her own right.”

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