Good Morning Britain uproar as Prince Andrew shouldnt fend for himself

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Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins were joined by former royal editor for The Sun Duncan Larcombe who claimed Prince Andrew shouldn’t have to “fend for himself” when it came to his private security.

Prince Andrew reportedly launched a bid to win back his £3million-a-year tax-payer-funded armed security guards.

Discussing what Duncan thought, Charlotte asked: “Why do you think then that he has a case to be reinstated?” to which Duncan expressed: “Well, it is a very unpopular argument.

“But he is a member of the Royal Family, he didn’t choose to be a royal, he was born into that, he is the brother of the serving King of England.

“Unfortunately with that comes a tremendous security risk, kidnappers, anyone out there that might want to do him harm.

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“I think, as much as we might be revolted by Prince Andrew, I think even if we are revolted by him we can’t just leave a senior member of the Royal Family to fend for themselves.”

Challenging his comments, Charlotte added: “But couldn’t the cost be born by the royal family, but him himself? Why do you think there is a case here for the taxpayer million-pound bill?”

Duncan continued: “That is the rub isn’t it, people aren’t going to want to pay their taxes towards that, but the royal family are a public institution.

“Prince Andrew, whether we like it or not is still a part of that.”

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Disagreeing with Duncan’s point, politics correspondent Ava Evans commented: “Is he a threat because he was born into the royal family or a target because of the company he chose to keep?

“We are all still intensely fascinated by that interview he gave to the BBC in 2019, he is disgraced and at the moment his security is paid for by King Charles.

“I don’t see why that cost should go across to the taxpayer or the police. If I can’t get protection, why should the disgraced Prince Andrew?”

Viewers of the show were left divided by the comments set forward by Duncan and took to their Twitter accounts to express their views.

@ScottishQuilter fumed: “Absolutely no! With people needing to use food banks and can’t heat their homes.

“Why would this man receive money from the taxpayer for doing nothing but being born into an overprivileged family?”

@swoodexitbrexit noted: “Harry gets no protection and had done nothing wrong, so why should Andrew get a penny?”

@00_maxwell_00 commented: “Definitely, not. He should be given the boot; cut loose.”

@HelenMackie27 quipped: “If he wants us to pay he’s not reading the room.”

@catball1972 expressed: “He’s not a working Royal therefore he should pay for his own security team.

“Wasn’t that the argument over H&M (I know they left the UK but Harry is still a Royal and the son of the King).” (sic)

However, not all viewers were so blunt with their opinions as @dreamadept said: “Both position are sound and reasoned.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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