Gogglebox cast rip apart ITVs This Morning cooking demo

Gogglebox cast bemused at 'butter board' segment on This Morning

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Friday saw the return of Channel 4’s award-winning programme, Gogglebox which saw the cast tuning into a week of TV. However, the cast was taken aback by This Morning after it tried to entice viewers with a charcuterie board of butter.

The fan favourites returned to their sofas and tuned into ITV’s This Morning on Friday, October 7. 

The programme which was hosted by Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary began with compliments from the cast. 

Izzi Warner remarked: “She [Alison] looks amazing,” while Lee Riley noted: “She’s had her hair done.”

As Sue Sheehan added: “She’s lost a lot of weight, she’s got a boyfriend, Alison is so hot now.” 

However, the comments of admiration soon turned into jibes after the hosts introduced a cooking segment which featured butter boards. 

TV cook Juliet Sear presented the boards as a new social media trend which was a spin on the charcuterie board which usually consists of cheese and crackers. 

This took the cast by surprise, as they watched the presenters smear swirls of butter on chopping boards. 

A confused Amani Rota asked: ”I don’t get it, is it just butter?” 

To which her sister, Amira Rota, remarked: “It’s such a bored housewife thing.”

While an excited Izzi stated: “I literally saw a butter board this morning and I nearly put it in the group chat when we were saying bring a board, I thought I’d bring a butter board.”

As the show continued to demonstrate how to make the boards, newcomer Danielle said: “I don’t think we need a tutorial, I could pretty much do it from a picture.”

A dissatisfied Pete Sandiford added: “Why would I be wasting my life doing that?”

Viewers also took to social media to agree with the Gogglebox cast and slammed the idea of butter boards. 

@mikelavelle93 tweeted: “Lurpak costs £5.35 now, I’m not going to waste it by p**s a****g about making stupid patterns on a chopping board.”

@Rosie12_1994 added: “What is the point of that really?! Bit of a stupid idea…. a butter board not exactly good for you either.”

A disapproving @JDTHEHITCHER wrote: “#Butterboards are disgusting end of.”

@shrimpsy291 shared: “That butter board 1. What a waste of expensive butter 2. Nothing you can put on it would not make it sickly.”

A fifth viewer @Sophies_Realm added: “Butter boards a new trend?! I think whoever came up with this has too much spare time on their hands!”

@elliotmark_ added: “Butterboards? Really…? Thought we’re trying to avoid putting pressure on the NHS…” (sic)

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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