‘General Hospital’: How Rif Hutton’s Co-Stars Feel About Him Leaving the Show and Lenny Caulfield’s Death

Rif Hutton joined the cast of General Hospital in Jan. 2021 as Lenny Caulfield. Right off the bat, the character struggled with health issues. Throughout his time on the show, Lenny suffered from heart issues, a hurt back, a bad reaction to anesthesia, and, his ultimate demise, pancreatic cancer. In the Aug. 13 episode, Lenny died.

Here’s how two of his co-stars, Joyce Guy (who plays Phyllis, Lenny’s wife) and Maurice Bernard (Sonny Corinthos/Mike) reacted to Hutton’s departure.

Phyllis says goodbye to Lenny: Joyce Guy’s reaction to Rif Hutton’s ‘General Hospital’ exit

After Lenny’s death aired, Guy took to Instagram to say goodbye to her General Hospital husband.

“Thank You So Much @rifhutton!!” she wrote. “It was such a complete joy and pleasure to work with you on ‘GH.’ Your ‘Lenny’ was the perfect ‘husband’! It’s been a wonderful run. Wishing you all best until we meet again.”


Along with photos of the two of them, Guy also posted pictures of Hutton with Executive Producer Frank Valentini.

The comments were filled with fans reacting to Lenny’s death. They are also sad to see him go. “So sorry to see Lenny go beautiful ending👏👏😢❤️,” wrote one fan. “I love both of you on the show,” commented another. “I cried when Phyllis did.” “So sad I didn’t want him to pass on. I wanted Lenny and Phyllis to live happily ever after,” commented another fan.

‘General Hospital’ actor Maurice Bernard says he ‘learned a lot’ from Rif Hutton’s portrayal of Lenny

Bernard also took to Instagram to wish Hutton well.

“Okay, here we are,” he said in a video. “This guy right here, he’s an incredible actor and I’ve learned a lot from him, and I love this guy a lot. I really do. The little moments that I’ve known him.”

Hutton is clearly touched.


“As an actor sometimes you work with people who you connect with right away,” Bernard wrote in his caption. “@rifhutton Is one of those actors, it is his soul and his history that speak to me.”

General Hospital fans also took to Bernard’s post to react to Hutton’s leaving.

“I agree,” wrote one fan in the comments. “He was especially excellent in yesterday’s episode ( the dance scene brought back memories of my parents).” “You can def see the bond is real on camera and off 😍I hope Lenny and Phyllis take over Charlie’s,” commented another.

Rif Hutton’s acting career before Lenny on ‘General Hospital’ and what’s next

Hutton has been acting since 1983 when he starred in the film Wavelength as an Air Force officer. Not a stranger to television, Hutton has been in such shows as Night Court, Married… with Children, Dark Shadows, Tribes, Doogie Howser, M.D., and JAG. General Hospital was also not his first soap opera. In 1989, he was in an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and in 1990 he was featured in an episode of Days of our Lives.

What’s next for Hutton? He’s currently filming a comedy called Rattled!, directed by Bryan Watkins.

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