Gemma Collins is gifted £2k Chanel sandals by her bodyguard on designer shopping spree

GEMMA Collins has been treated to swanky £2,000 Chanel sandals from her loyal bodyguard, Sid.

The TOWIE star, who has confessed to having expensive taste when it comes to fashion, gushed over her protector after the unexpected purchase.

Gemma, 40, posted a grab of her on Facetime to Sid on her Instagram Stories, which saw the bodyguard holding up the black strappy designer item.

The summer shoes were emblazoned with Chanel's signature double C logo in gold.

The GC could be seen squealing with delight in the image, and she wrote in the caption: "When your bodyguard gets you your Chanel's.

"Love you @uncle_sid1202."

The next slide showed a member of Chanel's store staff holding up the shoe with Sid sneaking into the side of the shot.

Gemma again reinforced her excitement as she posted: "I love you," before tagging Chanel's Instagram page as well as Sid's.

Sid is the owner of Deadline Security and is often mentioned on Gemma's page.

He took to his own account to re-post the pictures and write: "Just picked up a couple of pairs of Chanel shoes for @gemmacollins."

Previously, Gemma revealed she needed a whopping eight bodyguards to protect her from frenzied fans during a club appearance.

She has been flanked by protection ever since she was forced to call cops in 2019 after being hounded at her home by a crazed stalker.

The reality diva saw her fame soar following her time on Dancing On Ice and as a result she's had to up her security.

Speaking to Bobby Norris at the Jog On To Cancer charity event, she said: "Dancing On Ice was great and amazing but you know, showbiz moves quick. I still do love Towie and I watch as viewer but life is so busy.

"I have a bodyguard with me as I get mobbed so often I need someone to keep an eye on me.

"I get mobbed with frantic crowds crushing me, so I need security. The crowds have got bigger and bigger.

"The last time I turned up at a nightclub there was a crowd crush and I needed Sid and seven bouncers to form a protective circle around me."

Earlier this year, Gemma told ITV anchor Piers Morgan her father gives her a £3,000 a month allowance after she splashed out £50,000 in just two months.

Early on in the interview, the self-proclaimed diva admitted that she earned a million through The Only Way Is Essex alone – and that she bagged £75,000 in one day through Instagram posts.

But her parents began to worry that the cash would end up being easy come, easy go after picking up on their daughter's expensive taste.

Gemma told Piers: "I'm a spender – my dad wrote me up as an absolute disgrace, I'd spent £50,000 in two months up in Knightsbridge.

"It was £1,000 a day over the cause of two months, but I was going through a bit of a hard time."

She confessed: "I felt disgusted in myself; I went absolutely crazy in Gucci – shoes, bags, coats- I was staying in the Dorchester more or less every night of the week, £600 a pop, and I was wining and dining in there.

"I got absolutely massive, I could barely walk – it was kind of like self destruction in a way, and I'm pleased that my dad took my card off me as I am telling you now I'd have ended up in trouble."

Gemma went on to tell Piers that her dad controls "everything", but she asks for extra money if she is going on holiday or on a shopping trip to London, fearing that her card will be declined.

Admitting that it had been declined in Gucci before, she explained: "I get a budget, I get an allowance each month – only £3,000."

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