Gemma Atkinson slams ‘selfish p***ks’ amid family coronavirus concerns

TV and radio star Gemma Atkinson, 35, slammed so-called ‘covidiots’ who are flouting the lockdown rules, online today.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant branded a group of people who met up at the weekend, “selfish p***ks,” after seeing a picture of them online despite the rules to stay home to reduce the spread of the deadly disease.

Mum-of-one Gemma then opened up about her own family’s experience with highly contagious COVID-19.

Earlier today, the Hits Radio host expressed her disgust in a lengthy post uploaded to her Instagram account.

The post, which was shared with her 1.4 million followers on Stories, began: “Press call them covidiots. I call them selfish p***ks!”

Gemma, who is isolating at home with her boyfriend Gorka Marquez and their nine-month-old daughter Mia, went on to say: “4 of my close family & a friend have suffered terribly with this virus!”

“Bet your families are so proud of you.”

The photograph which accompanied the post showed a group of around 30 people posing for a picture during an outdoor party at the weekend.

In a second post, which followed shortly after, Gemma spoke about some of the messages she had received from frontline and key workers.

It read: “I’ve had a DM [direct message] from a policeman saying they have never had as much abuse as they get from ‘covidiots.’ “

The former soap star also received a message from a nurse, who wished such people could see the damage coronavirus does to those who contract it.

She continued: “And and nurse wishing these people not following rules could see how much a covid patient struggles in their last few hrs of life.”(sic)


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“Maybe then they would stay home…,” she added.

Sharing her sympathy for those on the frontline of the outbreak, Gemma signed off: “I’m so sorry for key /frontline workers.”

The radio presenter has been showing her own appreciation for the NHS and key workers across the country by taking part in the weekly Clap For Our Carers applause.

The new mum has regularly been seen on the social media platform clapping on the doorstep of her Manchester home.

The fitness-loving fan has also been sharing workout routines and advice with her followers in a bit to keep busy and stay fit and healthy during lockdown.

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